Human Still

I’m at that age
Where my bones hurt more than my heart
Or is it vice-versa?
Why dwell on that, I’m living life playing my part

I’m at that age
Where my clock runs… slower than theirs
Them I see whizzing by
With furrowed brows, entwined in worldly affairs

I’m at that age
Where sleeplessness doesn’t correspond to burning ambitions
I don’t count stars no more, nor try to reach them
The math I do… is more subtractions, less additions

But, I’m still not the age
Where the rising sun does not bring wonder
Where a tender touch fails to calm my soul
I’m human still, no I’m still not going under!

3 thoughts on “Human Still

  1. No youre not THAT age; there isnt one.

    Rejoice, rejuvenate, reinvent.
    Get out your scented candles, half bottles of perfume saved fr That day,
    the silks and gossamer gowns and uncork the olde wine.
    Today is THAT day, M.
    Today has always been THAT day, no?
    and i love the spirit of the last stanza. keep it going!

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