The Secret

Once in a blue moon,
I take out an old picture of myself
just to check how many wrinkles I’ve added
since I crossed happy days

Once in a blue moon,
I try to recollect just what you whispered
into my ears as we made love
but all that echos is the crack of a sharp slap across my face

Once in a blue moon,
I drink wine from the flute
just to remind myself that its cracked, sharp edge
can no longer press against my throat as I’m backed far up against the wall

Once in a blue moon,
I use my silver brush to smoothen my silver strands
They lost their dark colour too soon, but my dark secret…
that will last my lifetime and a little more

Once in a blue moon,
I walk downstairs into the cellar
to check for the stench of yesterday
but the rats seem to have wiped away every inch of you!

9 thoughts on “The Secret

  1. The sad refrain was heart wrenching; abysmally melancholic in its visitation of Yester-Me.
    i love the magical lyricism that pervades the whole work.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I’m so glad to read your encouraging comment. What a witty comment that ” I see the secret has been rid of’ haha. And of course, I’d like to read yours.. heading there right now! 🙂

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