Urban Pigeon holes and Poverty



Living in pigeon holes

boxed in with closed doors

Restricted, obstructed, constricted views

Brightly painted doors for happy beginnings

Cities that lure with their fake promises

playing with real lives

Too hungry to refuse, they play along with a hope

Someday, that door will open

like a dream come true

but to where, no one really knows

Why do they fall prey anyway?

What difference does it make to pigeons

what colour the door of their prison is!






6 thoughts on “Urban Pigeon holes and Poverty

  1. The gilded cage always tells a story; Some dank, however golden the bars maybe.
    Reminded of This –
    “Two men looked through prison bars.
    one saw mud,
    the other, stars”

    Some day, when the door opens,
    i may have no more use for the freedom that it offers. having got used to the silent confines of my prison.

    Thanks M fr the poignant words.

  2. Every word hits in this piece so that it builds to the last piece and slaps the reader/witness with the underlying “truth” of the work. I resonate with the “truth telling” spirit of this poem. It feels honest and strong. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would definitely say that this would be one for submission.

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