As kids we would hold dandelions

beneath each others chins

somehow fascinated by learning

who liked butter


dandelions going to seed were

fun to pick, blow on

scattering their fluffy countenance

to the winds until some

adult said to stop it because

all they were were weeds


then dandelion wine was

all the rage

for a time

neighborhood restaurants

feature them

in salads


holdout hippies and

art fair merchants

weave them into headgear

elevating the dandelion to

victors laurel status


times were simpler

when we were younger

though now the simplicity

lies in seeing what

has always been, letting go

with a poof of breath

on downy seed

4 thoughts on “Puffs

  1. ‘scattering their fluffy countenance’ such an apt description – do all kids do this with such delight?!!! brought back strong fond memories. also love your final lines – ‘simplicity lies in seeing what has always been’ is so true; yet I really love ‘letting go with a poof of breath on downy seed.’ So many layers of meaning available in these few simple words. Very resonant. Thank you.

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