I am watching the rain
falling, in torrents
cascading off my roof
ala Niagara Falls
the images are overlays
the same, yet
incredibly dissimilar,

as are the sounds
water crashing off roof
to the soggy ground
the rain itself, pelting
glass, the walls, the roof
thunder roils the tableau

and I enjoy the pitch-
perfect harmonies of
an early morning rainstorm.

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2017

2 thoughts on “Concerto

  1. This one is solid — but it’s called CONCERTO. Can you finesse it so all the poem is about the aural experience

    I am watching the rain
    Listening to the rain

    (Losing the I am allows the reader to imagine they are, not “visualise” you doing it)

    images could become rhythms (or some other musical phrase of your choosing) etc

    & then possibly tying it all up in the last stanza with “I love conducting the pitch perfect” etc

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