6 thoughts on “Holiday Hmms… (A Troika) Prompt 10

  1. Love your take, but I’m guessing, honestly, you were not too keen on the theme. I find funny, but far less heart that you often present. Sort of a Christmas Sale.

  2. I actually giggled out loud at this one the first time I read it. On second reading, I found it to mask the authors true feelings about this particular holiday. Sometimes the most difficult writing stems from that which we feel the deepest about, yes?

  3. I also had difficulty as it used to be my favorite holiday as well. Had trouble coming up with something jovial, so bit the bullet and dove deep. Oddly, this was one of the more difficult ones.

    Regardless, thank you for the smile.

  4. Loved the tongue-in-cheek of the third one. I avoided the topic completely – even avoiding my own advice to my students when disliking a prompt – to simply write about why you don’t like it!!! Thanks for the chuckle.

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