Hour 13: Royal Blue

1. met on the ocean where perfect sun-drenched blue ate our doubts.
2. it’s the closest to being magic I will ever get, but when wind whips us, all the chills will disturb the calm.
3. is there anything worth the sapphire eyes and drowning?
4. could come and turn me into a dream, rain hosted my soul and never let me go in the space we filled with tundra blue, never kissed you blue, ate all my blue and never asked me to come back.
5. I was royal blue on your lips when you licked all the sentiments off my skin and hugged me like I were a savior but not quite. I died all the time against your shameless need for me.
6. you told me to be grumpy was the best medicine for your disappointment.
7. I was royal blue and I felt holy right then.
8. I never looked good without the moon and tonight I prayed for new flesh, and I don’t think about it, like I should think about it.
9. come hold me in the snow, an ocean of green and teal, and disturbed and we slept for months,
and everything went white and back to blue, some sort of cleanse,
I could pretend so harshly for you.
10. I was royal blue and I felt so much more disturbed in the venom song.
11. We met on the ocean and I turned all the secrets into rogue waves and let the silence eat our doubts and I’m shitty for being so needy and I was royal blue and there was nothing you could do, to rid yourself of me.

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