Poem #12: Torn Lovers

I’ll behave in the setting sun,

When you’re not around the chambered room,

And maybe this is what life is supposed to be?

People running carelessly through other’s hearts,

Never knowing how to keep anything together,

We rummage through drawers and fall apart,

The sunken treasure in your soul,

Or the way people live will give us a reason,

To show our true colors.

I know how the torn lovers speak,

In riddles and the broken tongues spill out the truth,

I see the emptiness of the day,

One more day and then the next,

Spilling words hoping they mean something eventually.

I know this sickening world is full of light,

And the darkness only cuts half as much as my sleep does,

And the day grows intense, just like your fading lips on my skin,

But these torn lovers know something I do not,

And i’ve been ripped up for some time,

Because of you, lover, you stole these eyes.

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