How Could I Forget June the 9th (A Nonet…. Hour One)

 June the 9th

(How Could I Forget?)

I finally filled the calendars

Birthdays and anniversaries

Occasions to celebrate

Flipping through the pages

It occurred to me

What I missed

Most was





***True story: when I finally sat down and finished filling out my calendars earlier this year (okay, so what if it was mid-March?), I was flipping back through them and realized that I had completely left off June 9th, which is my late husband Rickey’s DOB (pictured above). He passed away in the fall of 2012. Forgetting his birthday like I did, even almost seven years later, really cut me to the core and hurt my heart. I’m sure it seems silly to some folks, but it was a major misstep to me personally.****

(A nonet consists of nine lines, with a syllable counts as follows: 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 so the poem appears to ‘disappear.’)

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