Keep Going, Granny (Hour Twenty Two, An ABC Poem)

Keep Going, Granny

Lightning flashed and thunder cracked as the skies split open up above us, leaving our last line of defense (the weathered windshield wipers) rendered useless against the raging of the rain.

My sister sat in the shotgun seat beside me, believing the back seat by far the safest space for my gorgeous granddaughter, the six-year-old sweetheart, while we drove on down the highway in a hurry to get home.

“Next exit, I’ll pull over and find a service station or someplace safe where we can wait out these stupid storms unless….you can see to drive and wanna tempt fate and take the wheel?” I practically pleaded with her.

Opening her eyes wider in incredulity, she refocused her attention on the world outside the windshield, where blackened asphalt blended with the darkness of the skies, growing ever deeper.

Without one ounce of hesitation, completely confident as only a child could be, came the tiny voice from the back seat, saying, “Don’t pull over, Granny, just keep on going — I can still see.”


(An ABC poem is made up of a single stanza of five lines and can cover any subject. The first letter of each of the first four lines follows alphabetical order – you can start with any letter you like. The first letter of the fifth and final line can begin with any letter.)

2 thoughts on “Keep Going, Granny (Hour Twenty Two, An ABC Poem)

  1. Love this image: “where blackened asphalt blended with the darkness of the skies, growing ever deeper.”
    I know the feeling of fear when driving in those conditions. You’ve captured that fear and tension well! The ending — “I can still see” is perfect!

  2. Oh, I love that confidence expressed by a 6 year old. Well written with the story giving more words to the fears of granny and her sister, and then finalizing that story with the confidence in granny and self in words that are short and sweet. ☺

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