On Women and Wieners (Hour Eight, A Nontraditional Minute Poem)

Sweltering summers in Texas

aren’t meant for big

booty-ful girls

like you and me.


Gals like us, we’re just way too much,

even for Texas,

where we always

do things bigger.


I smiled, patting her ample butt.

Together, we

waddled off, me

and Honeybun..


(A minute poem is composed of 60 syllables split between three stanzas. The four lines of each stanza should have a syllable count of 8/4/4/4. Traditional minute poems are written in iambic pentameter using the rhyme scheme of aabb, ccdd, eeff. This was way too difficult for me to compose in just 60 minutes, so I improvised by eliminating both the rhyme and meter requirements, resulting in my “nontraditional” knockoff version above. Honeybun is the amazingly adorable big beautiful wiener (dog) seen above, who entered my life eight years ago, along with my boyfriend Lonnie,)

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