Victorious! (Hour 24, An Acrostic Poem)

Writing our way to victory, we left

Everything behind, each piece of our sordid stories splattered

All across the page.

Readers, ride along with us!

Everyone is invited

To share in the

Happiness and heck,

Even the heartaches, should you

Choose to cheer us on.

Hey, y’all, we

Actually did it — we

Made it through all 24 hours of

Poetry Marathon 2021!

I think this calls for a celebration!

Oh, wait…

No, on second thought, I believe I’ll just

Settle for a lengthy victory NAP!


(An acrostic poem is one where the first letter of every line, when reading downward, spells out a word, a message,  or even the entire alphabet. I have highlighted the “hidden” message in blue so it is more evident.)

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