#9 I Remember Liard

Steam rising
As I walk along the boardwalk
Magic in the mist
A moose slowly turns
While munching her dinner
In the warm spring waters
What is this place
Full of other worldly forms
Together to take the waters

5 thoughts on “#9 I Remember Liard

    1. I walked the boardwalk out to the Liard Hotsprings in Northern BC over 40 years ago. The moose was there in the water, eating, and just had a look at us and carried on. It really is a magic place full of mist!

  1. A moose always has significance since the series Northern Exposure.
    the water rising in a mist is a very precise image of a particular place and time of day. Hearing that it was a magic place repeated in your comment made me look agaiin- the comment pointed my attention more at the magic element. Doubled the impact

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