From My Window

Neon lighted night sky gently gave way to light

stretched out beyond the glass canopied bar,

a field of lush tall green

comforting my long opened and reddened eyes, peaceful and quite serene

cool breeze passes through my curtain, welcomed and at home.


at the crosswalk a lone runner at her leisure sails through on a red uninterrupted by the usual


pale umbrellas shade sidewalk tables

as the as the sun climbs up and warms the streets

a glorious southern summer sun day approaches – it most likely will be real warm


One thought on “From My Window

  1. “Neon lighted night sky and reddened eyes” come back as I think about this poem. Both seem to shake me to attention, and I then like the way you describe the beginning moments of the day: “serene cool breeaze, a curtain at the window, a lone runner” all make for a still morning but not a lonely one. Your phrases about the umbrellas, sidewalk tables, and sun-warmed streets then make me think of all the bustle that the day will bring. What an engaging poem.

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