I love the way you reached for me before fully awake

strong arms masking musky morning breath

kissing. my mate

coffee expresse’ed, toasted bagel on a plate

hurried through and (in spite of you!), just maybe I won’t be late


it was in this fashion that we came to know our passions –

treble clefts, timbales and a few missed electric bill due dates

with and through this plus more we came to seal our fate


now jaws sunk in, skin so thin you look at me and say

hey, my angel, happy to see you again.

many mornings long ago we waked and loved just so





3 thoughts on “Missing

  1. This tugged at my lips, bringing forth a smile. Tugged at my eyes, bring forth a tear. And Tugged at my heart strings, bringing forth a note of symbiance… I know this couple!

    Wonderful poem 🙂

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