Prompt 24: Giving Away

If I could pack up my insecurities
and let them sit in a warehouse,
I would.
It would be the gift that, having it taken from me,
would certainly make me more productive.

Money might not make you happier, but knowing
you have the right to social interaction without dread
is priceless.
I once wondered what it would be like to have the ability
to see myself as others see me.
It wouldn’t have made Margo Channing happy,
and I know I wouldn’t like to hear it, either.

I don’t want to wish for a wire to know what
my friends think of me.
I want to know I’m the best person I can be, and accept
my flaws and not be concerned with whether others do or not.

How much longer through this life do I have to
carry this invisible weight that serves no purpose
but to remind me I’m not living in the moment?

I could be happier. I want to be happier.
The face I see in the mirror looks tired
of holding in her breath.

9 thoughts on “Prompt 24: Giving Away

    1. Thank you, Caitlin. Very appreciated. I overlooked it in a way in the same way I overlook my own being, I guess. I’m gratified to hear I’m not actually alone in these thoughts.

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