• Yay!! I did it!!!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. It’s just what I needed. Congratulations to everyone that won and that participated!!!

  • AQ wrote a new post, I DID IT! 1 year, 6 months ago

    I did it

    I knew that I could

    There was no doubt in me

    When I decided this is the path for me

    The way I wanted to take

    A part of my Life’s Mission

    As I Am walking and living in

    My Soul’s […]

  • What to write

    What to write

    This is what crosses my mind

    As the last episode of Bones plays

    And my site screen in front of my face






    So, how are you […]

  • 3 Hours To Go

    Almost done soon

    First time participating in The Poetry Marathon

    I can say

    I Am A marathon runner

    No not by feet

    By fingers, mind, and heart

    Tired, sad, excited, joy, community, […]

  • My husband is the image of God
    And what I was taught God was to me
    His Love unconditional
    His Mercy and Grace abounds
    And is profound
    Yes my husband has done some things
    That has caused me pain, […]

  • AQ wrote a new post, Feel Better 1 year, 6 months ago

    Feeling better now that I checked up on it

    I will feel better once I get updated on it

    Feel better about yourself

    When you feel nothing at all

    And if you fall get back up

    Feel better that you took […]

  • There’s a lot of things in my life

    Where I ask the question Why Didn’t I?

    However only one eats me up inside

    And it was the night that my daughter’s innocence was lost


    Why didn’t I turn the […]

  • Dear Angelica,

    If you’re reading this right now then you made it!


    I don’t have much to say

    Except what you already know

    Everything happens for a reason

    Just know you’ll learn […]

  • Coming to an end

    I’ve done all I could do

    Just a few more breaths

    Until I’m through

    However I will not be forgotten

    My life not in vain

    Because people remember me

    How and why I […]

  • Skip and hop

    Skip and hop

    I skip and hop

    After I throw that rock

    Down the blocks it is taking me

    To new sights I’ve never seen

    Even though I know

    It is only across the street

    However not […]

  • “You egotistical bastard, this ain’t about you.”

    “Of course it’s not, it’s always about you. You selfish bitch.”

    Two daughters, stood off to the side


    Hiding in the darkness

    Listening to their […]

  • It was a good idea at the time

    But I didn’t think it through


    Quick decisions without high precision

    Now I’m in it

    With a choice to quit

    To give up

    Forever before me

    Now that I’m […]

  • Taking it easy now

    No rushing for me

    Though I get it done

    And work better under pressure

    But what does that really say about me

    And why does it connect with the conversation that I had with my […]

  • 4 minutes and counting

    Until this hour is over

    Cutting it close

    Don’t know where to go

    I shouldn’t have gone there

    I knew inside my soul

    We were cutting it close

    I told him not to go to […]

  • Grocery shopping time

    Shop shop

    Don’t shop when you’re hungry

    You’ll be spending more money

    Make sure to bring your list

    Check it off despite fits

    Grocery shopping time

    Shop shop

    Remember […]

  • Gotta make this short and sweet

    Gotta move my fingers like I would move my feet


    Got distracted by watching a documentary

    Though my attention need it

    For some reason

    Helping me to get […]

  • As I listen to my children

    I shake my head with disgust, sadness, regret

    Not at them or because of them

    It’s because of myself

    This is what I passed down

    When they were but eggs in my womb

    I’m […]

  • Learning to love what I hate

    I hate cleaning yet I’m learning to love it

    Because I can’t stand a dirty floor

    Learning to love what I hate

    What I have strong feelings for

    This way or that way

    This […]

  • I shouldn’t have crossed that bridge to your house

    I knew you wouldn’t leave her for me

    Even though it’s my nectar stained on your sheets

    I shouldn’t have crossed that line but all I heard was […]

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