• We sat on the front porch
    and waited for the cars to drive by
    From the left were hers
    From the right were mine
    a poor children’s game

    She got the first
    a banana yellow sports car
    always she got the […]

    • This was a wonderful response to the prompt and your line from the book! You created a scene and so much was said in these lines. Love: ‘and how in my imagination
      he felt more
      like home.’

  • This weekend I had time to…
    I found this on Pinterest and just had to try…
    During quarantine I made all these…
    I stayed up all night just to finish reading…

    And typed into Facebook and Twitter and […]

    • I really love how you interpreted the prompt, and how it tied into that last line. One of my favorite poems I’ve seen about quarantine!

  • To accompany Cat Stevens’ opening lines
    the church bells rang in
    tambourine and centuries old bronze

    To if I ever lose my eyes
    the golden sun ripples through
    green-leafed trees

    To if I ever lose my […]

  • sweltering summer heat
    we sink into midday lethargy
    that strange sensation
    wanting to move
    yet completely unable
    puddling into a fleshy porridge
    mask our efforts
    under the paltry breeze
    of folded […]

  • “Have you lost anyone?” my student asks. “Has anyone you loved died – like your parents or your grandparents? Family close to you?”
    I respond honestly, “No.”
    “Huh,” she huffs, then turns first her eyes then […]

  • In Greek the word means
    unveiling or unfolding
    to reveal something
    we had not seen before
    perhaps cannot even
    begin to recognize
    because we have
    no frame of reference
    for it to find a home
    in our […]

  • Nicely done rhyming that adds to and does not distract from the imagery. A nice blend of concrete and abstract.

  • I love the sensory detail of this line: “feel the bed dip as she sits next to me.” I can’t say I have ever read that describe, but I know exactly that feeling. Fantastic!

  • Five o’clock
    beer time
    on the side porch
    crisp, piney, hazy IPA
    first cold sip passes my lips
    I exhale “I love you.”
    “I love you too,”
    my husband responds.

    [Prompt 6: Write about your ideal day using […]

  • denisehill commented on the post, joy 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful, succinct detail. The line breaks are powerfully placed.

  • denisehill commented on the post, Poem #6 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    A nice selection of precise relationship interactions (loving or not, some ambiguity) with a surprising turn at the end.

  • hit pause
    look upward
    feet grounded on earth
    sky sifted through leaves
    down to my eyes
    fractals finding a home
    in my mind
    I inhale
    I exhale
    I lose balance
    and smile

    [Prompt 5: photo of sky through trees]

  • This is so beautifully heart wrenching without being overly sentimental. That’s a tough balance. This is a powerful line: “It is sacred.” It is because of the people and their relationship, not just because of the object itself. It is a symbol.

  • The final song at your funeral was, “How Can I Keep From Singing?” And I choked on my own tears and could not give those words flight to meet you. “You should sing at the top of your lungs at least once a day,” […]

  • This listing here is so so powerful. The way the “once was” has been replaced with the harsh response from society to the aged is heartbreaking. I think you could leave off the last stanza. Ending on that final idea of who will be the caretaker and the role of the caretaker hints at what you say in that final stanza.

  • This line is the true heartbreaker: “i want to tell you that you left a good map” That is a beautifully captured sentiment of your relationship.

  • Love the light feeling of the way this reads, but it’s deceiving with some heavier symbolism. I like these lines, “My ancestors and descendants / stare down from the stands.” that show the connectedness of this being to a past, and the weighty responsibility of continuing a future of those ancestors and for the descendants.

  • They begin days ahead
    of the holiday
    snap crackling pops and booms
    One rattles the windows
    “How is that legal?” we ask
    but no one is arrested

    The difference, an FBI sound expert says, is gunshots are all […]

  • denisehill commented on the post, Awake! 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Oh man, do I know this! I’m a broken sleeper as well – always trying to figure out “why I couldn’t sleep.” Why the brain can’t shut off! You captured that perfectly. And the dilemma – to just stay awake or try to get back to sleep…sigh.

  • Appreciate each eye opening, each breath in, each breath out.
    Focus on what is most meaningful, most kind, most joyful.
    Accept that it won’t all be.
    Resist that which could derail, distract, discourage.
    Remain […]

    • Aw this is lovely and so sweet and absolutely perfect for each day. It gave me such a feel-good feeling reading your piece.

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