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  • I really like how you took your earworm and made something lovely of it! Great job!

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    The innocence of children! One of the benefits of working with children is being able to go back to enjoying the innocence that they live. Thank you for putting this into words!

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    I really liked your beginning lines about how the fog was like thin milk. Awesome job!

  • It really has been a crazy year…and only half over! I love how you put it all together. It just shows the insanity even more when all in one place.

  • Thank you and I’d love that! Things are opening up a bit so maybe we can do so soon.

  • Each day when we awaken,

    We have been given a gift.

    A gift of talent, time, life, and breath

    It can give your soul a lift.

    Use your gifts wisely

    For good and not for bad.

    Spread your gifts to […]

    • There’s no point if you’re going to use your gift as someone else has so yes! I agree “use your special technique!” 🙂

    • Love it. My favorite line is “Life and breath, live with flair.” A special invitation.

  • Imagine, if you will, a tiny little sparkly fairy

    If you do, then think of her as I call her, Mary.

    Mary likes to flit around and settle on my shoulder

    Lacking that, she’ll often sit on an old, lumpy b […]

    • Love this ditty!

    • When I was young, my older cousin gave my sister and me a fairy named Pinkie. She and her sister had one named Lucy. They never caused us any trouble and I don’t really remember them doing anything but zooming invisibly around. I haven’t thought of them in years, until reading your poem.

    • It would be awesome if everyone could see the fairies! I love this poem. And they do move things all the time. Mischievious little graces 🥂💫

  • The mist covers the mountain
    In colors of pink, silver, and blue
    The lazy ripples of the water
    Reflecting the mountain too.
    I look to the horizon
    At the distant silhouettes
    Of far off other mountains
    I […]

  • Desperate Longing

    I long for blessed slumber

    The softness of my bed

    I long to go to dreamland

    And rest my weary head.

    I long to snuggle under blankets

    Give in to sleep with a sigh

    I long to […]

    • Congrats on doing the full marathon!!! I did the half and admire your tenacity! Love this poem and especially the ‘gritty eyes’. Looks like we were writing from the same place, as I am staying with my sister in Calgary. Once things open, it would be great to go for coffee!

      • Thank you and I’d love that! Things are opening up a bit so maybe we can do so soon.

    • Yes!! We can also sit six feet apart. I have my car so can drive to any part of the city. Let me know when that might work for you?

  • The Streetlamp

    The streetlamp it sheds its glow

    Across the street from me.

    It spreads its light in the darkness

    Enables me to see.

    The rain it trickles from its top

    A misty pretty […]

    • I love the words you chose. A great vocabulary makes rhyming lines so delightful to read.

  • We gather our wits and utensils

    We gather our thoughts gone astray.

    We gather together to get through the night

    A group of like-minded people

    We laugh, we don’t fight.

    Instead….we all wri […]

  • The Christmas Angel

    Quite a few years ago, on a bittersweet Christmas day

    My family got together, all of us I must say.

    Family came from far and near with one thing on our mind

    It was most likely going […]

  • The 80’s Tech

    I remember as a teenager having my finger at the ready

    To push the button on my boombox, I’d have to hold it steady.

    I’d wait and wait some more, just waiting for a song

    To record at the […]

  • Heated passion, joy to share

    Devout respect, mutual care

    Sweet affection, happy times

    Get together, hear the chimes

    Of a yearning bell, full of desire

    Fondness, yearning, warmth of […]

  • A
    is a vessel
    for adventurers
    To take you many places unknown
    Other countries to explore and learn
    Many sights to see                                    Many things to experience
    When I was a child […]

  • Finding yourself can be difficult

    In this crazy, hectic world.

    Take your troubles into nature

    Let all your worries unfurl.

    Spend some time nurturing flowers

    Smell the soil, water it well

    If you […]

  • Wash Day

    Dirty clothes in the hamper

    Wet towels on the bathroom door

    Mismatched socks hiding here and there

    I search for them all over the floor.

    I gather all the pieces up

    And into the basket I […]

  • When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke
    “It came as a great surprise to me.” “I had no objections.”
    “It came as a great surprise to me.”



    It came as a great surprise to me

    When I […]

    • I love that you repeated your line throughout the poem – made for a whimsical piece!

  • A Red Fantasy

    I have been up in the mountains

    I have traveled on the sea.

    I have been to far off countries

    But there’s one place I’d love to be.

    I want to visit Mars one day

    The red planet, so […]

  • In the Shadow of the Moon
    A darkness surrounds me
    Lack of sun
    End of day.
    I look up
    All around me
    There is little I can say.
    I lift my eyes to the sky
    See the moon
    I smile.
    I am grateful
    So grateful
    To […]

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