• “Are you really gonna do that poetry all nighter again, Gramma?”

    “Yes, Bud, I am. I love it!”

    “Okay then. I will stay up with¬† you. I will be your assistant like last year.”

    :”That sounds great, Cam! […]

  • efellows wrote a new post, 23- Mine 1 week, 1 day ago

    This day belongs to me.

    I will not share it.

    I will not cook or clean.

    I will not go to work.

    If I shut the door today, it is okay.

    If I ask you to figure it out yourself today

    that is okay […]

    • Prachi replied 1 week ago

      Loved this. I too had to ‘shut the doors’ and keep reminding my daughter and niece to not disturb me during the marathon. It is tough, but so rewarding to take some quiet time off when writing. Glad you had a wonderful day!

    • Lovely. This is how I feel about the marathon too.

    • This is an absolute truth. We share the same day, without the worry of the world. Well done.

    • Nice poem! I also enjoyed the day and its solitary goal. ūüôā

    • I love this poem. Sometimes we need to shut the door and get into our writing mind and let the words spill out. This is the perfect time for this.

  • Bless the Muse who stayed by my side

    tapping my shoulder

    whispering in my ear

    offering words when my tongue was parched

    and my mind empty.

    I will send you

    silver strands from my head

    on the […]

    • EFellows,
      I like the cadence and march of your poem. Like life, we don’t always know the way or where we’re going. The Muse, our guide, takes the gift already inside of us, and sheds enough light so we can see it. Ahhhh magical!
      Seventh Solstise

  • I have love to offer.

    Don’t push me aside

    because our gods have different names.


    I have healing to share.

    Don’t ignore me

    because I call to god with a different tone.


    I have messages t […]

  • She’s delusional. She thinks she’s untouchable. Blondes can be like that.

    She’ll take your husband. She’s always broken the rules. Won’t even want him.

    Late drunk night at work… She’ll take him just to […]

  • Dad has disbursed. He vibrates higher now, his pitch and tone as clear as bellsound. He isn’t as invested in physical things these days. He let’s me know that although they seem critically important when we are […]

  • If Dad had been alive

    he would not have appreciated us.

    He had hunted enough in his lifetime.

    He knew the scents of wild animals.

    He could smell a feral thing like us

    and would have picked up on us […]

    • This, like the two other poems of yours I read, is chilling and haunting. You have either been through a lot of s**t or you are simply good at making me believe you have. I love this back and forth between you and your dad through a third party. Your repeated lines effectively serve as a warning, and the way you finish up, “you can’t not know” is the stuff that suspense writers would call GOLD. Kudos!

  • Lie down here with me.

    Bring the basket from the hall.

    Don’t ask me to stop.


    Elizabeth Fellows

    6/27/2020, 7pm

  • Every evening, the elderly lady next door

    sits on her front lanai and exclaims to me,

    “I am having my weekly glass of evening¬† wine.”

    I make a slightly exaggerated facial expression

    and remind her […]

    • “…regardless of the time.” Connection with others. Needed, so real, so in the moment, yet limited by how much contact she can tolerate. I can so relate. A loving, tender vignette. Beautiful powers of observation.

  • The man across the walk (we have an across the walk now since our move)… the man across¬† the walk makes lovely interaction with his perfect yellow hibiscus flowers. If I could hear him (the walk is very wide […]

  • You smoked up your gifts. He thought you were pathetic. You can’t go back now.

    Give her what she wants. She says you, ” kiss her hiney… you are convenient.”

    Your petulant fits won’t change the way they […]

  • From my new bedroom window

    the mouth of I’ao stretches wide and deep

    inviting those who hear to commune with her

    those in reverence to sit with her in gratitude

    for the aina, e lani, e kai…

    those […]

  • The way to get out of my own way is to start every statement with, “You..”

    “You look terrified…!”

    “You must be enraged…!”

    “You have been through too much…!””You whatever you are in that […]

  • I think maybe I am a fool.

    I wanted to say, “I am a fool” with an exclamation point.

    But, as I began to declare it, I thought

    “I think maybe I am. I think maybe I am a fool.” exclamation point.

    I am […]

  • Knowledge is balanced.

    It is both good and not so.


    Knowledge does not take sides.

    It doesn’t need to take a side.

    It simply receives facts with no judgement.


    Knowledge is like w […]

  • She doesn’t take my calls anymore. She “… just doesn’t feel like talking right now.”¬† ever. Her needs are bigger now than a year ago; her wants are small and mostly focused on ignoring her needs.

    I don’t […]

  • We were not real… not really real. I mean, you were real, as in a real person, and I was real, as in a real person, but we as a we were not real. We couldn’t have been. We wouldn’t¬† have survived. Well, we […]

  • … we went to the store and bought a big blow up pool, white and light blue. We filled it with air, then filled it with water. You were giddy! You marched, jumped, danced, stole the hose and drenched us all. You […]

  • He wakes in early afternoon, washes his face, pokes around in the fridge – doesn’t eat, lumbers to the ps and sofa, yawns, starts it all up. (Summer schedule.). He is big, tall. He hasn’t caught up to himself, […]

  • I don’t seem to know a lot about a lot of things these days since all the bombs, since we lost Dad and I rarely feel him anymore, since the gun and the takings and the raging hot, impotent blood, since Mom’s […]

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