• I like the first option. I for one am willing to take over the majority of the work/writing and help out with guidance along the way. How exciting and fantastic to get to be part of a fantastic event. If you as a family need to take a year off then I understand and respect the decision but as a participant, winner, admirer and inspired fellow poet…[Read more]

  • I am not on facebook, can i still get a download of a winners certificate? Please and thank you. This is event is absolutely brilliant!

  • The philosophy of freedom fading as I am hasty,
    my body contaminated,
    my brain holding forgotten manuscripts.
    You shouted terrible, measured things at the islands where the displacement of water meant […]

  • Once we were slaves in the land of Egypt.
    It hurts my eyes to look through a telescope as His reflection joins me in the mirror.
    I feel sentimental over champagne, whispering until
    1, 2, 3
    In the morning.
    The […]

    • I see how I have secured myself within my own nothingness same as walls.

      This is a particularly descriptive line. Efficient, effective, telling.

      I’m still processing the rest of it. By “processing” I mean that the writing and technique faded into the background for me (a sign that the writing is doing its work well) and has evoked emotions that need a little unspooling and consideration. The writing is doing its work well.


  • All individuals, if remembered, will enter instantaneously into illumination.
    Traverse the various worlds of existence.
    The dreamer dies consciously as the guru gives instructions.
    Hallucinate orgies, […]

  • The actors rise in pairs. An executioner stands with his back to the victim. The audience participates in The Rite of Universal Intercourse.
    I am not allowed.
    I am not allowed!
    I am not allowed?
    (to- smoke […]

  • Back in London the performance was spoiled.
    Pearl’s harbor had no mice playing on the tracks.
    Later, on the telephone with Julian, after Pere Lachaise, we tried to figure out the meaning of the cosmos.
    We have […]

  • Serious people consider themselves pardons of indulgence. He will go out of his way to talk for an attempt at scholarly validity. Impatient with individual blindness.
    Confront it head on. Stormy waves broken with […]

  • consumption ran by itself
    a chaotic constellation
    a statistical reality
    translucent in my crystal ball
    the masses are
    swirling with currents and flows
    natural matter
    natural elements
    in the […]

  • In the madness of the eyes my senses fail and reason is lost.
    This is the miracle fire.
    Our days, our misery, our bitter lovers.
    I am paradise.
    I live in paradise.
    You are the father of affliction.
    Ripping […]

    • Even though I don’t understand all the references, the clash between paradise and horror is all too clear. I don’t know who the “other ” is, but I am hoping it is not me. Powerful stuff.

  • and the mints
    the miners of money
    and the girls
    whose breasts are covered
    and the attributes of god
    wide planet of people
    and the issued passports
    i am going to hurry
    and the voyager
    always between […]

  • Capitalism is the triumph of the gang.
    The starting point, the domination of concepts, only mystifies the passage of time.
    Can you avoid the dirt in intercourse?
    Can you lose this fixed character?
    The human […]

  • The fusion of action must be realized in the historical knowledge.
    This incomplete mythical world regulates the irreversible power of time.
    Only the negation of culture can preserve its level of culture.
    The […]

  • As with the problem of society, its coherence, is what history should consist of.
    These events have taught us the surprise of the rationality we may later detect.
    Manifestation hidden.
    In processes, the problem […]

  • Ethiopia carved out of red rock. Churches of Christ ravaged by drought. A veritable strong hold of famine. Gold wax dusting rainbows as cars rumble over inaccessible roads…
    Living repositories of faith carved […]

  • there is no more theatre
    there is no more spectacle
    there is no more illusion
    there is no more stage
    everything has become exposed
    slightly visible and immediately transparent
    information […]

  • The Russian arms are bought with gold smuggled through Spain, over the Pyrenees mountains.
    Our comrades are of the utmost importance. Heil Hitler.
    We know that common jealousies are of secondary importance to […]

  • Yuppie zombie cults with gurus in their eyes. No thinking. No perception. No meaning.
    Are you waiting for the revolution? An approved uprising? Turning the wheel of history to nothing more than mutated nightmares […]

  • Reappear, you men of war, recreating the machine. Resisting technological liberation.
    Economic violence is the fault of the hunted animal confused with primitive breeding. The sea, perhaps, in its absolute […]

  • Here stands the reluctant petty bourgeoisie.
    Corrupt with silly amusements.
    Over taken with spiritless commandments.
    There stands the worker.
    Defeated and lost with no class consciousness.
    Blowing to and from […]

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