• I didn’t see my name either, but I don’t think I composed any immortal poems either.

  • More than–give or take–15-odd-years ago
    I researched patents for Silicon Valley egos.
    Nanotechnogy, biotech, the Singularity too,
    I edited lots of copy and even proofed reviews.
    But that was long ago, some […]

  • If I had but one, albeit unnatural, irresistible, awesome desire,
    It would be to keep unquenched this overwhelming, holy fire.
    Yet for want of sound sleep almost eleven hours forsaken
    –Not to mention scrambled […]

  • Companion,
    Bedmate, faithful friend
    Ever mindful of his dinner.
    Walkies need taking
    and unmentionables scooped
    While ever straining upon a leash.

  • Nature’s unbinding
    festers decomposition–
    fresh, bloat, ruin, decay–
    do gorge tissue cells away
    –vile putrefaction.
    Rotting flesh, vulture’s
    meat, nature now decomposing:
    metamorphous, change.

  • Sing a song of genuine gladness
    Cast away all gloom and sadness
    And with all your heart’s delight
    Sing away your longest night.

    Sing a song of grief and sorrow
    Fretting upon uncertain morrow.
    To make the d […]

  • Solitaire, it’s a game played in isolation.
    Alone in one’s room or else on vacation.
    Matching hearts, aces, diamonds, spades
    Single file, up and down, the cards parade.
    So what else do you do by-yourself alo […]

  • Hot red lust, anger,
    the will to power excites
    with most intensity.

    But orange energizes,
    a heat a bit less intense,
    health and vitality.

    While happy yellow
    brings forth childhood memories
    of sunlit […]

    • Your poem brings back to my mind, bits of Bob Ross, painter. I could almost hear his voice as I read.
      Loved it!

  • Faithless, we need to kneel, driven to the floor.
    Giving thanks to those who daily knead bread,
    Put roofs on houses, and make wayfarers’ beds,
    Nurse the sick, teach kids, and mind the store.

    We need to s […]

  • It’s more than just a little exaggeration
    That my poetic verse fits every occasion.
    But then, I’m older than Appalachia‘s hills,
    A Shakespeare’s genetic clone in my skills,
    Noblest of scholarly poets, so it’s […]

  • More than organic
    With liquids, gases, organisms,
    and minerals does mix.

    Mostly nitrogen,
    Twenty percent oxygen,
    A pinch CO2 and argon.

    Oxygen, heat, and fuel
    Does make a big chain reaction.
    In air […]


    A girl certainly must kiss a lot of frogs
    To land a wealthy Englishman, a prince
    To innumerable soirees she must trapse
    To find a trifle peculating recompense.
    So come evening, did Ms. Markle stray
    At […]


    The summer solstice
    My strength does sap, steal, and slay.
    So slain, I sojourn.

    Aschewing scholarship
    Stenuous schedules forsaken
    Still slumbering late.

    Purposefully reading
    Inane mystery novels […]

  • We need weekly to take the bread and wine, commune with nature, and seek blessings divine.
    We need people who care, old folks and children, and those men and women willing to dare.
    We need snow flakes in winter, […]


    Playing a jazz solo at the grand piano behind the ferns,
    He sang a sorrowful melody of his worldly concerns.
    As a lantern lights the beech, or a shoe shiner cleans boots,
    This player could never be in […]

  • Ever self-important, you’ll certainly recognize yourself if called upon,
    You’re now officially put on notice, so perhaps the light begins to dawn.
    Conspicuously conceited, stuck up, so very vain, and also eve […]


    Nurturing, affirming, comforting—solitude
    Quiets fears and calms the troubled spirit.
    Distracting thoughts need not intrude.
    Being left alone, one need not fear it:

    Disquieting, ev […]

  • Dad struggles: his chest rising and falling, inhaling and exhaling,
    Fighting since 4 p.m. yesterday, almost rhythmically flailing,
    18 hours off the respirator, he has fought, struggled, and heaved.
    They said he […]

  • Doubt the amount of debt to past poetic lives I owe, doubt a preening, narcistic ego,
    Doubt that I may be a self-conscious liar, exaggerating stories that never did transpire,
    Doubt that I may long for fame, […]

  • It’s almost dawn with bills paid, assignments answered, and six poems just accrued.
    So I’m feeling rather peckish for some tasty, yet admittedly caloric, sustaining food.
    Just right now, I’m feeling famis […]

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