• First journey, toward the light and loved ones

    First breath of life, a cry

    First smile, crooked and unfocused

    First steps, unsteady and moving into the world

    First words, joyful and […]

  • “I always believed that I would recognise her when I saw her again” *

    Would I know her if I saw her walk past me

    in her light blue sweater and her feathered hair?

    She would look past me, seeing nothing […]

    • I liked this poem very much.

    • I was drawn into this poem/prose from the very first line…maybe it was the dialogue/quotation marks. This poem flowed at a quick pace for me…I wanted to continue to read it as it suggested a puzzle that you were solving…answer who is it/the subject. Excellent prose!

  • Thick night air

    humidity hanging low,

    creating cones of moisture

    below the street lights.

    Crickets charm their mates lazily,

    thunder rumbles in the distance,

    and lightning jumps from cloud to […]

    • I love the lushness of this poem’s descriptions, and how palpable the humidity feels. As someone who grew up in the Midwest, I can absolutely relate to how you depict summer. Good work!

  • The heart


    in the darkness

    of the womb

    as a secret


    We are born

    with the heart

    protected by

    the cage

    formed of our ribs


    Each moment

    our heart b […]

    • Perfect rhythm, building and developing… I love this poem. I think I’ll have to just keep reading more of your work…

  • Gentle breeze whispers

    Smell of fresh-cut grass lingers

    Mid-summer’s night eve


    Eve Remillard


  • Speechless,

    unable to create words

    that normally flow freely

    from my heart,

    my soul,

    my mind.

    I can not bring them forth

    to do my work justice

    and frustration sets in.

    Writer’s […]

  • You have been here

    for 81 years,

    your smile always

    shining and lighting the way

    for those of us who have had the

    joy of loving you.

    Suddenly, we learn

    there has been a hole in your […]

  • God spoke,

    but I did not hear Him,

    not then.

    Instead, I held you,

    propped in my arms

    while you slept deeply,

    slipping away.

    I watched the grey,

    heavy sky loom over

    the ocean.

    My heart […]

  • My father’s last day

    was nothing

    like all the days

    that came before it.

    The ones where

    he held my hand,

    scolded me,

    patiently helped me

    through my math homework,

    disappeared into the […]

    • Lovely and painful… been there. Yes – nothing like all the days that came before it. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Juicy peaches, sweet

    fresh, sitting in flowered bowl

    ripening, waiting


    The image and smell

    of peaches

    take me back to my seventh year

    to a kitchen that was shady and cool

    in the heat of […]

  • I rose up

    and walked


    from what I knew:

    my comfort zone,


    knowing what I had,

    knowing what I

    would never have.

    I built my walls

    and my own comfort zone,

    became […]

  • My heart carries yours

    Wherever I go

    And you are with me

    In my prayers,

    In my thoughts.

    It is how I keep you



    Eve Remillard


  • Man in work shirt

    weary through the shoulders

    dozes on the train

    as it winds and careens

    through the subway.

    His blue-black hands

    rest folded in his lap…

    what does he see behind

    his […]

  • So much like me

    And yet, yourself

    In your own right.

    Your intuitions, emotions,

    Feelings, and thoughts

    Are your own

    But they were grown

    In the garden

    Of your childhood.

    I tried to pull […]

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    Chicopee, MA

  • One day, I saw my father’s mother

    in the mirror,

    looking back at me.

    Her face the same as the

    one I had seen

    in pictures, but had

    never seen or touched,

    whose voice I had never […]

  • For sale, black leather

    baby shoes,

    worn, cracked, aged.

    Twenty-five dollars,

    found in a tourist shop

    among patriotic towels,

    candles and soaps,

    all over-priced.

    Forgotten by the […]

  • everemillard commented on the post, Poem 1 3 years, 9 months ago

    Thank you! I love using imagery to get the meaning of my poetry across!

  • Blue eyes

    as distant

    as the


    I reach

    to pull



    Our hands




    Love and desire

    you spark

    in the green flame

    of my EYES

    I […]

  • The end,

    They say,

    Is just the beginning

    Of something new,

    Unexplored territory

    The unknown.

    I used to fear

    What I couldn’t see.

    But now

    I embrace

    The tectonic shift

    I feel inside […]

    • I love the tone of this poem as well as the lines…”I embrace

      The tectonic shift

      I feel inside my soul

      Telling me

      I need this change

      To recreate myself” Nice imagery!

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