Cindy Albers

  • We have come to an end

    At long last

    Eyes droop

    Body sighs

    Another year’s event

    All tidied up into 24 musings

    Sleep deprived

    We face our computers

    Giving it one last hurrah

    The hour is […]

    • Saki replied 7 months ago

      The end and a fine statement of what this day was like!

    • I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one writing about how taxing the marathon had been, really at hour 24 my brain just wanted to just wanted to shut down.

      I like the form of this piece, the sound patterns as a spoken piece are really pleasing. Especially that last line “Done Finished The End” the conceptual repetition is a powerful finisher for the poem and of course the marathon as a whole

    • What a wonderful ending poem that all marathoners can relate to. You are amazing!

  • Part One- I am my parents’ daughter

    I carry their poverty

    Their goodness

    Their work ethic

    Their sadness

    Their height

    Their love of music and books

    Part 2

    I am the youngest

    Made fun of by […]

  • These hours

    Climb one on top of the other

    Stacked into infinity

    Or three am

    Same thing

    My body hurts

    My back, my head, my soul

    Words are flying through the air

    Coaxing me to grab […]

  • The night has become a blanket of quiet

    A quilt of solitude

    Cat sits next to me

    Tail swishing

    A warning perhaps

    He assists this poetry drivel

    By batting my fingers

    When they dance across the […]

    • Yes, those of us with cats are servants! I confused my cat. She has a strict routine of sleeping with each person for a bit at night and I messed up routine. So thoughtless of me. 🙂

  • I would sing at the top of my voice

    If I could trust said voice

    Across vast wildernesses and mountain ranges

    I would echo through the canyons

    Screaming my love

    My hate, my contempt, my desire

    Yes […]

  • Hello Darkness my old friend

    I’ve come to talk with you again

    We have done this so many times Darkness

    We truly are old friends

    Paul Simon knew what he was talking about

    I have delved into so many […]

    • Love your choice of lyric. Like how you have infused it with your own visions softly creeping. Simon and Garfunkel never fail to lift me from the funk. Thank you for helping me hear these echos from the well of silence.

  • Dear Sanity,

    We have reached that place again

    The hours grow late

    The words jumble into something

    I don’t even understand

    Each year when we do this

    You question me and my motives

    Last time you […]

  • I have chosen to be blinded by you

    To color my perceptions with a will of want

    A will of wish, A will of neglect

    I dare not see who you really are

    It will scare me to see you in reality

    You who own […]

  • You take a single step

    Followed by another

    Moving as slowly or as quickly as you want

    You make plans

    Buy things

    With your destination in mind

    One foot in front of the other

    You can change your […]

  • I was there

    I saw it all

    The way the sun mashed about the sky

    Liquid all around me

    Nothing quite formed yet

    Moments of clarity followed by glubbing about with the other cells

    We tried to match […]

    • Is there a hidden warning here? Kidding. But, really, what are you telling us by posting this in Miscellaneous? I demand to know.

    • So powerful – the before and after as we begin and end. I really enjoyed the pattern and the symmetry of this poem – and it makes a profoundly powerful point.

    • I’ve been watching a lot of Dr. Who lately, so this is just fitting.

      “I saw it all

      The way the sun mashed about the sky

      Liquid all around me

      Nothing quite formed yet”

      Love that.

  • “The land knows you, even when you are lost.”


    It feels your soul

    It knows your gifts

    It knows your sins

    It washes you in rain

    Solidifies you with cold

    It melts your heart when the day is ho […]

  • Words are dwindling

    They speak in nonsense now




    I am feeling haughty

    Likened to Heliotrope

    My message is unclear

    Just throw some words

    Onto the […]

  •  Roads diverged in yellow wood,
    I could not travel both
     long I stood
    looked down one far
    bent in the undergrowth;
    Then the other, as fair,
    it was grassy and wanted wear;
    the passing there
    that morning e […]

  • Dear Divorcing Cindy,

    You are heartbroken right now

    Lost, alone, aching

    Contemplating your whole future

    Wallowing in every mistake

    every missed piece of evidence

    Every lie he told has become your […]

  • There is a moonbeam

    in my coffee cup

    I sip it gently

    A hush,

    a fog

    washes over me

    I am no longer concrete

    I am no longer damned

    I have jumped from my shelf

    I am more like a tall, strong […]

    • The beginning 7 lines of this are perfect — especially the first. I’m not sure those, and the lines beginning with ‘Just coffee…’ aren’t all the poem I need, most mornings. Beautifully done, Cindy.

  • I was a lonely child

    Few friends at all

    Except Jane Eyre,

    Jo March and her sisters

    We went on adventures

    Had great romances

    Searched for financial security

    Kept our morality and […]

  • Travel thru the mirror

    Where my face used to be

    No wrinkles

    Where my neck was smooth and silky

    Travel to before the gray tinge

    And the small hump

    forcing me to lean forward

    Travel thru the […]

  • Poetry courses through my veins and arteries

    I feel the words climb up my spine

    and the sentences climb back down

    I am all aware now

    though half asleep

    Dreaming in my own writer’s way

    Me, my […]

  • Locked out

    of where I should be

    This coffin where I have placed myself

    Stifles me

    I need to break free

    Push my limits

    Breathe fully and deeply

    Instead I cough

    On stale air

    The walls push […]

  • Walk into the sunlight

    Feel it caress your neck

    Allow it to seep into who you are

    Brightening the darkness out

    Stop trying to control the world

    It doesn’t belong to you

    Stop cleansing the […]

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