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    I found this poem memorable and very enjoyable to read. I love your terms and imagery…”solo athlete”…there is time and other rounds…I took and understood us as the “solo athletes”…great comparison and ironic with the Olympics! Very nice. I enjoyed reading this poem very much!

  • I absolutely love this! “Warriors of Snow” is quickly becoming one of my favourite poems of the marathon. Well done! I love your use of allieration and your use of imagery is very clever. There is so much rhyme and alliteration that this fairly serious poems flows like a song-almost. The poem is very visual and a sensory experience. I also loved…[Read more]

  • I really love the imagery and the comparison of mountains to poem/poetry. There are so many beautiful lines in this poem …so much imagery that keeps the reader spell bound by the intense descriptions and then the mood is changed, in a light hearted way, by the humour. Beautiful-well done. I enjoyed reading this!

  • This poem has great imagery and I love the flow of the words. So many sentences stand out and just sound so amazing. The last two lines are hauntingly beautiful…
    I cascaded down again, back into your oblivion.
    took me to the river Lethe and drowned me.


  • I enjoyed reading this poem. I enjoyed the rhythm and parallelism (of sorts) of the lines that included “myself”, “trueself” and “best self.”

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    I was drawn into this poem/prose from the very first line…maybe it was the dialogue/quotation marks. This poem flowed at a quick pace for me…I wanted to continue to read it as it suggested a puzzle that you were solving…answer who is it/the subject. Excellent prose!

  • Excellent rhythm and flow to this poem…I could easily imagine someone using this in a poetry jam. I loved the rhyming scheme-excellent work!

  • I loved reading this poem “Blue Clouds.” The descriptions were amazing. You made very good use of alliteration so that sentenced were soft and flowed nicely e.g., “under a ckea, calm crystal-blue sky.” Around stanze 4 or 5, you used an archaic terms “wilst”- I don’t think this adds anything to the poem- sort of stands out a bit to me as all the…[Read more]

  • I like the general flow, ideas and theme of this poem. I stumbled when I read a few lines…e.g “The night is for star-crossed lovers…” using your pattern shouldn’t this not be for them as the night is for sleeping? I did really enjoy that as the poem progressed, the first line became less…symbolic and representative of falling asleep. This is…[Read more]

  • Beautiful poem! I read your description above and I can’t stop thinking about your thesis-impressive. Now to this lovely poem… I loved your use of simile…just like Narcissus in a pond (might I suggest “floating” in the pond…just to add further alliteration with next line?) Personification of the flower is great…I notice blue clouds flowing…[Read more]

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    I love poems and verse with epiphanies. There is something just so wholesome and real about this entire poem. I loved it’s authenticity. I love the last line…this is a life lessen “And maybe where we planned to go/Had never been the ideal destination. This poem is brilliant! Well done!

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    Beautiful poem and imagery. I enjoyed how this poem flowed and love the fact that at the beginning of the poem “Dreamscapes’, you make a clear defining line between being awake and dreaming and by the end, that line is blurred. I loved the personification of the dreams, your description and humour!… I really enjoyed reading this! Well…[Read more]

  • Usually, I don’t cooment on the first poem I see but, I absolutely loved this. Using a pendulum to make grocery shopping decisions, I LOVE this imagery. And, I thought the description was perfect…very vivid. I felt like I was right there in the frozen food section with you staring at awe at this woman swinging a pendulum. Thank you for the…[Read more]

  • This is a beautiful topic Vincent. I loved the poem and thought it moved well except for the one stanza that talks about war…I got a little lost here. I loved your personification of the tree calling you-lovely! In particular, I love the last 2 stanzas, “To give you all the secrets that you must know to keep you on your sacred path.” This is a…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed reading The Diner.” It wasn’t what I expected and I love that in a poem, short story or any other piece of writing. The ending was unexpected. “my whole world churned.” I love that imagery! “Good thing you didn’t follow”. I wasn’t expecting that! Good job!

  • Garth-Gorgeous! This is a short poem but very sublime. It plays upon our knowledge of cliches…e.g. the bird flew the coop, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Yes, isn’t it amazing how birds can make us think of such dichotomous ideas? I loved this poem for its very striking simplicity-beautiful! It moves well too!

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    Beautiful job Seema! This is short but brilliant! Joy, a pot full of colour- I love that metaphor! Beautiful! This is making me smile 🙂

  • Beautiful…I love how this poem builds until you reveal it as “poetry.” This poem is very vivid and I love the decription- I love the imagery and your use of alliteration gives this poem a melodic wistfullness…” against a summer sky’s backdrop”-beautiful opening line! Great work Carolyn!

  • This poem is short but very powerful. I love the feeling evoked by Tears that stain the sand…I love this alliteration. Beautiful!
    Congratulations of completing the Poetry Marathon/ Half Marathon.

  • Beautiful Holly! I love how you begin the poem with the Hawaiian greeting and then end with the translation. This is such a treat to read. I love your descriptions and word choice! “”Pal trees sway gently in the trade wind.” Beautiful! I was transported! Beautiful imagery and…[Read more]

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