June Gromis

  • Out of nothing

    to take the ethereal and bind it to paper.

    to replicate rawness

    manifest beauty and tragedy

    and to bind in even a miniscule way

    a mutual impact shared amongst those who read

    is the […]

  • a mort is a fellow

    whose colored bright yellow

    he sports a loud bellow

    and drinks limoncello

    he sits on my porch

    with his liquor and borscht

    and scorches my visitors with a blowtorch

  • through the wet rocks

    on to the sand

    the island’s landing

    to the center

    the island’s portal

    into the wet rocks

    on to the sand

    the island’s landing

    to the center

    the island’s […]

  • release from the clutches of consciousness

    into slumber:

    the glistening black void that rests the body

    that ends constant tire and dishevelement.

    When the words no longer have to fall clumsily on to […]

    • This makes me think of stream-of-consciousness writing…which is wonderful.
      I like it!
      I get the sense of free-flow in almost every line and that’s a good thing.
      You have a number of hard “k” sounds in here, and the only one that bugged me is in the fourth line. I wanted to suggest you could soften the word “constant” to “incessant” , and that gives you more “ss” to go with the other “ss” sounds…
      Of course, this isn’t a deal-breaker in the flow…it’s just the only thing that interrupted me.

  • flickering led candles

    sustained by lithium cores

    illuminate bamboo buddha

    draw out his features

    carvings, faiding in and out of focus

    consciousness, faiding in and out of awareness


  • A cog in the war machine, a link in the chain

    A drop in the canteen or one in the rain

    A petal in the daisy, a ray in the sun

    In each case the many come together as one

  • Vesak

    a sea of maroon and orange robes

    incense smoke wafts through the sky

    chanting imprints on the mind

    step by step in mindfullness

    soft feet against sprawling carpet

    tales of the dhamma spun […]

  • B.B. King – Live at the Regal

    a wine colored vynl sticks out of my shelfs multicolored media jungle

    its printed in big letters beneath

    in red hot motion:

    the blues messiah, guitar slung over one […]

  • bodies converging

    through the hopelessly entangled web

    of furtive glances,

    coffee shop catastrophes,

    crashing crescendos of passion and negliegence

    melancholy and softness

    harshness and […]

  • Take off through the clouds

    dipped in honey yellows and flamingo pinks

    the aeroplane a white swan diving into a pond of spectral delights

    the beauty of human invention on the outside

    turmoil on the […]

  • a mountain stretches far into the sky

    above a sleepy austrian village.

    in worn-out sneakers and an oversized hoodie,

    a tiny sillhouette chooses to dance with it.

    They begin a slow, trudging walz

    the […]

  • early in the morning

    when the first dogs and their owners grogilly patrol the streets

    I wrap myself in a pitch-black flag and set out to taste the day

    erratic laughter, dizzy skipping, twirling in the […]

  • One afternoon the last week in April*

    I sat and watched a flourescent world unfold outside a bus window

    it was the world I lived in, yet it was unfamiliar to the shaken husk of a person

    piloting my body […]

  • Where she lays her head

    on pillows, on desks, on grandfathers chests

    in grass that grows tall, on dolls and in shawls

    to daydream or sleep, to write or to eat

    I yearn but to tread where she lays her […]

  • Angelic confidence in times of doubt

    optimism in the face of defeat.

    The philosophizing of naivety; or maybe the true strength of our humanity

    to perceive reality as we choose and draw consequence from […]

  • Fireflies dancing on the treeline

    swarming towards the cottage on the horizon.

    heat permiates the forest, and they soar with its sweltering rythm

    it pounds them down untill they are reduced to lethargy

  • little pictographs on a screen

    packaging meaning into its most miniscule form.

    why complicate things?

    there is humour in the obliterating meaning with the intent to simplify it

    fast food conversations […]

  • Season of the Songbird

    nestled in the tree by my window

    her performance schedule is quite particular

    but when the warm wind of a summer evening brushes through her wings,
    the neighborhood rendered […]

  • Stumbling through the city

    uncovering urban treasures

    seeking refuge in its green enclaves

    taking in its scents

    weaving in and out of crowds

    observing stills and denizens in motion.

    skin is […]

  • warm gleam over the hills

    ethereal alert

    wake up call from beyond the visible

    a bright embrace to all beings under its scope

    wake up and be aware!


    walk out into this golden […]

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