Jana Lapel

Hi, I’m Jana Lapel…and I’ve been writing poetry since the age of 7…when my mom (a professional copywriter) was my teacher! I was born in Iowa…launched my career in Chicago and ended up in Canada …enjoying a lifetime as a singer/actor/media host & writer/voice teacher & professional clown. Writing was a bonus in my career…and now in retirement I am writing my stories in a book…but poetry is my passion! Having worked with children for forty years…I am “hooked” on Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein’s styles. No matter what I write about …I cannot resist the RHYME…alliteration…and in my darkest days (after losing my husband and clown partner in 2007) my readers noted that “you still sound like Dr. Seuss”! Poetry writing has been one of my best “medicines” ever! This is my first Marathon….and since I am an insomniac anyway….I have challenged myself to the “full meal deal”! I don’t drink coffee…so this will be a 24 hour chocolate binge…ah, chocolate coated words that rhyme….sounds like a Feast to me! 🙂