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  • Ok, so this was my first marathon. Exhilarating!! I am exhausted but yet, still full of energy ( I’ve worked back to back overnight shifts since Friday, and am at work as I type). I would love to be able to do the anthology, but my exhaustion got the best of me on the last poem.. 🙁 I wish everybody good vibes and may your inner poet shine even…[Read more]

  • I am so honored to be on this list! Thank you so much for hosting this and I can’t wait until next year! What a good feeling it is to know that I can follow prompts and still come up with ideas to write. Thank you again!! And thanks to everyone who shared their poems with us – they were fabulous!!

  • Jan S commented on the post, Prompt 30, Hour 24 1 year ago

    This has been an Awesome experience.. can’t wait until next year! I can’t believe I made it for 24 hours lol
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  • Jan S wrote a new post, Los Angeles Native 1 year ago

    When I was five, I loved to ride my skateboard
    when I was six, it was my bike
    when I was seven it was roller skates.

    I loved to mow yards and make money
    My friends and I used to put on plays
    My dad would […]

  • The rain softly fell and soaked into the ground
    though there wasn’t much soil to soak.

    The trees were so green and full
    the grass so lush and green

    A Robin Redbreast hopped around and found
    breakfast for […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, My Cocoa(bean) 1 year ago

    Her soft red fur shimmers in the sunlight

    Her eyes lock into mine to show her trust

    She is mine and I am hers

    and when we part one day

    I will be sad

    She’s my dog, my best friend.

  • The first paragraph comes from T.S. Eliot’s Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
    By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
    Tell human voices wake us, and we […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, I'm not 1 year ago

    I’m not sick
    I feel fine

    I’m not sad
    I’m happy inside

    I’m not hated
    ‘fore i still love most

    I’m not lonely
    Even though I’m alone.

  • You think you are still 35
    You are not
    At least you don’t shop at aeropostale
    Or try to sport a belly piercing
    Or faddish tattoos
    And what’s with the cleavage??
    Your body is stretched out
    Your face sags, […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, Dent-de-lion 1 year ago

    Dent-de-lion or taraxacum
    boasts a beautiful yellow flower

    but watch it closely and you’ll see
    it turns into its power

    the yellow “teeth” begin to dry
    and then they turn to fluff

    a seed that flies with […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, Right of passage 1 year ago

    Arrival to a destination unknown,
    departure from the familiar comforts of home
    we see many unfamiliar aspects
    of other people’s lives
    yet we tarry onward
    to experience new things.

    Passage into unfamiliar […]

  • The darkness came a little at a time
    But once the world was destroyed it was void of all light.

    Half-dead roamed what used to be the streets. Their vision obscured by once was bright flashes of […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, The blackness 1 year ago

    The world was without form, everything floating around space as we know it now.

    No rhyme or reason to this massive blackness, swirls of matter, light years away.

    One big black hole, no planets, no sun, […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, Nature's children 1 year ago

    We are all from dust and from dust we will return. Therefore the land recognizes us as its children.

    We will never be completely lost,
    Maybe only briefly misguided by our own accord, only to find our way […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, Don't laugh 1 year ago

    She never smiles, she never laughs
    It’s sad to seriously choose life paths.

    A joke was told, her face was bold and never cracked a grin. Your face will crack and break my back if happiness sets in.

    When […]

  • Jan S wrote a new post, Fun! 1 year ago

    Experience southern adventures and fun.
    Educational journey? Enduring heritage educates ages.
    Kick it up a notch? Famous waves, sandstone perspective, hike trails, go flying through,
    And walk on feet.

  • Dearest 9 year old self,

    When you meet your future best friend for the first time
    Don’t beat up her brother!

    Dear 12 year old self,

    Climbing trees is ok, but don’t jump out, crutches are not your […]

  • It was a stormy, fog-filled night
    The sudden hush outside
    Gave me a fright.
    I grabbed my coffee cup from the shelf
    When the wind blew so hard
    I peed myself!
    The canteen closed early as the fir tree got […]

  • Jan S commented on the post, Empty Fridge 1 year ago

    I think im gonna need a cold one! Great poem!

  • Jan S commented on the post, Color Wheel 1 year ago

    Your poem brings back to my mind, bits of Bob Ross, painter. I could almost hear his voice as I read.
    Loved it!

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