• I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up,
    I don’t want to grow up,
    deep inside I just want to embrace my inner child,
    my childhood wasn’t ideal but the dreams I have carried alongside me […]

  • The rocks that fill my tumbler,

    were meant for you and me,

    I can’t help but wonder,

    if we are meant to be,

    the reminder of you,

    is in everything,

    no matter what I do,

    in every song I […]

  • Chasing a future that doesn’t exist,

    letting memories tear me down,

    the birds start chirping as daylight creeps on me,

    another blissful heartbreak town,

    here I am strong as ever,

    nothing is as it […]

  • Every journey begins with the hope that burns within humanity,

    seek yourself through your dreams,

    embrace the power of each special day,

    love yourself every step of the way,

    we are secret […]

  • She put on makeup and curled her hair,

    wore a led zeppelin t-shirt,

    kissed the moon without care,

    feet planted straight in the dirt,

    whispered magic melodies,

    from Tennessee to Colorado,

    houses […]

  • The memories of fishing until the sun fades,

    then as the moon rises high,

    all those times we painted the town,

    and watched the stormy sky,

    the beautiful songs we’d sing so loud,

    every rock that we […]

  • Take my hand,

    sit in the grass with me,

    look at this magical moon,

    shining down for us to see,

    miraculous cures for my grief,

    my heart is full,

    time is a thief,

    why so cruel?

    Where did you […]

  • That wild terrifying rush of excitement right before you do something you’ve never done,

    Like the first time you zipline,

    Or swim in the ocean,

    The first time you stand on top of a mountain,

    The joy […]

  • I know you aren’t here with me,

    but I feel your spirit is near,

    flying like a bumblebee,

    saying “please don’t fear”,

    thank you for the message,

    go set yourself free

    you are a blessing,

    so […]

  • You can’t fight change,

    it’s like taking a woven basket and filling it with rain,

    persistently being what it is,

    carelessly disappearing at your fingertips,

    this constant current pulling you in and […]

  • Pine cones and mushrooms,

    food to the soul,

    feed me with nature,

    and tattoos that grow,

    pain is pleasure,

    the art left behind,

    I am a canvas,

    Please tattoo my mind.



  • I’m the girl that stops her car in the middle of the road to write a poem,

    the cloudy day turned into a striking sunset,

    fog and gloom was the scenic drive,

    out of nowhere a perfect circle without a […]

  • One drop of love was enough to create infinite universes,

    kayaking into the unknown,

    trusting the river with a smile,

    united into the sunset,

    glistening within the flow of my veins,

    grasping the […]

  • Patronize my dreadful mood,

    I am a fool for loving you,

    take my regret and burn it,

    carefully place the ashes in a forest without pollution,

    scrupulously abandon it as compost.

  • The misguided “me” fighting “I”,

    An utterly futile war,

    A vicious circle of life,

    Two pieces of the same thing,

    Going around and around,

    Getting nowhere fast,

    What is the point in being […]

  • The spine is the very first and last breath,

    posture is the life force,

    each moment depends on it,

    sit up straight,

    breath deep with mindfulness,

    align your windy roads,

    pilates is a medicine […]

  • I wish I could say,

    my feet are tired from traveling,

    instead, my heart is exhausted,

    from being here,

    listening to the echoes,

    of people and their opinions,

    it is tiring to hear,

    you can’t […]

  • A collection of tinctured cells,

    some call it the kisses of angels,

    activated by sun,

    these clusters symbolize light,

    never born with one,

    the womb is dark,

    each pattern unique,

    never a design […]

  • Intractable nature,

    surrounds us,

    yet it fills us within,

    the transitoriness,

    of being human,

    all revels come to an end,

    dissolved into thin air,

    to be born is to vanish,

    in order to […]

  • The disaster causes widespread devastation,

    how do I escape the lies?

    illness sweeping the nation,

    deception in disguise,

    sincerity is an expression,

    don’t be a hypocrite,

    the truth is not a […]

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