Nancy Ann

In this full life I have been a mom, a volunteer, a bus aide, a community organizer, a teacher, and now a client services educator. Motherhood was all I hoped for — especially bountiful; now all four girls and two boys are grown up. Grandma-hood is terrific. Most of my life has been in Ohio, but I have experienced poem- worthy visits to Washington, DC; Fort Drum, New York; Fort Lee, Virginia; Bloomfield, Iowa; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Wickenburg, Arizona; Louisville, Kentucky; and Taos, New Mexico. My heroes are Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, Helen Prejean, and Joan Chittister and I take note of the fact that none of them are as well known for their writing, as they are for their activism, yet they all have written significant (!) stuff. As if life needed a cherry on top, I have a soul mate husband.