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  • Last one! The prompt for hour 12 is to (1) grab a book at random off the shelf; (2) read the first line of the book, and the last line; (3) pick one; and (4) use every single word in a poem.
    The book I ended up […]

    • Love it! Made me laugh out loud and to think that came to you not only out of a such a challenging line but also, at the end of a long day of writing – well done! Thank you for sharing. And it is kind of nice, isn’t it?

  • The prompt for hour 11 is to write a poem about a place you’ve never been. I sort of did that. (Sort of.)

    The song ‘Never Been to Spain’ comes to mind
    Well, I haven’t been there
    or to Paris in sprin […]

  • The prompt for hour 10 is to listen to the Cat Stevens song ‘Moonshadow’, then write a poem. Instead, I wrote my poem while I was listening, and finished when the song did.

    The singer and his guitar
    are cha […]

  • The hour 9 prompt is to use at least five words out of a list of ten. I used seven.

    Treeline, firefly, bottle, mask, zoom
    three of these things are visible from this room
    The heat I can’t see
    but I feel i […]

  • Emoji aren’t my thing, so I went to the random prompt generator for this one from 2016: Write a poem of praise. It can be praising a person, a place, or a thing…

    Time for a refreshing dip
    in the poo […]

  • Hour 7 prompt: Write a poem titled Season of the (fill in the blank). Write a poem that matches or interacts with the title.

    Season of discordant qualia
    We see what we want to see, don’t we?
    The rid […]

  • Started this one, then got distracted. Back in the nick of time!

    Hour 6 prompt: Write about your ideal day using only imagery and sensory details.

    Awake to gentle light
    the room awash in gold
    The sweet, […]

  • Hour 5 prompt: use an image as a jumping off point. I chose one of my own photographs.

    Imagine where they were
    Imagine where you are
    Imagine how you got from there to here
    Imagine a place you’ve n […]

  • Hour 4 prompt: an epistolary poem.

    You had expectations
    I’ve spent much of my life confounding them
    You were waiting for me
    I’ve always been more wait-and-see
    You liked the divas and beautiful bal […]

    • I enjoyed this very much, Kevin. Seems a great pairing with my Recipe Poem as well – holding the both/and of paradox. I like that balance of yin/yang. Especially like the final two lines – turn to face one another, extend understanding, see how each aspect is really the mirror of the other …. Thank you.

    • Absolutely gorgeous. That ending takes my breath away!

  • Prompt 3: The Bop.
    The red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin’ along
    to find the greens empty, deserted.
    She had a feeling this morning
    when she left the nest
    that something was slightly off—
    but she isn […]

    • I really like what you’ve done with this form. The rhythm feels wonderfully alive, like a curious bird investigating the garden before settling down to eat.

    • I love how you actually use the word “bop” and how your poem literally bobs/bops along. Playful use of rhyme and rhythm. And yet tinged with a balancing bit of the anxiety of being an animal and seeking food. The refrain becomes more haunting as the poem proceeds. Well done!

  • Hour 2 prompt: The recipe thing. I listed my ingredients, then followed the recipe (sort of).

    It’s not all I think about, but I wonder sometimes
    I hope there are better times ahead
    I can tell myself that th […]

    • There are so many things I like about this curiously unsettling poem: its wry humour, its poignancy. A smile behind 3 layers of fabric, the ‘real news’ inside… But I think it’s simpler: you capture in a small frame this time of immense chaos. Thank you.

  • Hour 1 prompt: Write a poem about a famous woman or an influential woman you know personally.

    Don’t quote the song to her
    she hates that
    (No, not that one
    Though her voice is steady
    there’s no mis […]

  • Oh, these are weird times! If one thing isn’t falling apart, something else is. Or everything else is.

    Fortunately, it is Poetry Marathon time again. This will be my fourth time participating—and, as I alw […]

  • Thanks. Memory lasts a lot longer than we give it credit for.

  • Another year’s half marathon come and gone. As I often point out, I prefer to do the half marathon because I like to sleep; consequently doing the full 24-hour marathon simply wouldn’t work for me, as it would tak […]

    • Kevin, I’m with you on this. It took me 30-45 min too for most of the poems. That said, having to run to the store, receiving company for tea, and a little one running around, made for an interesting challenge. I used Scrivener too. 🙂

    • I like this method, and although I didn’t use Scrivener, I did have a similar system in place to keep things as simple as possible.

      Editing was something I did less of during the challenge itself, but I tried to cap my writing time to 30 mins to stop myself falling behind or overthinking anything.

      I used the prompts for all twenty four poems, but was a little lax in how exactly I followed them.

      I did consider the half amrathon, but knew I’d have regretted stopping at the halfway point knowing others were still going. Got to the end, but I was woefully underprepared for the challenge, but I’ll be ready for next year to do it all again. =)

  • Checking the later prompts this Sunday morning. Although my official participation ended with Hour 12, so far I have also written poems for the Hour 14 and 17 prompts.

    This is what I wrote for the Hour 17 prompt, using the Wei Ding photo (the B/W image) and the Paddy McAloon/Prefab Sprout song “I Trawl the…[Read more]

  • If you use something that’s available online, you can just do a screenshot. For example, if Amazon has one of their “Look inside” previews of a book you already own, you may be able to find the page you want there—no copying or scanning required! 🙂

  • Et finis!

    For this last one, I went to the photo of page 143 from Cosey Fanni Tutti’s memoir, art sex music.

    We forged on…

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