Laurie McKay

  • Your poems are lovely; I’ve read them all. I am intrigued by your selection of Aung San Su Kyi and love your phrasing: “The loss of values, the denial of truth and changes to the apparent worth of life.” Simply beautiful.

  • When she was just two 
    almost three, 
    Grace helped Grandpa John
    In the garden,
    as happy as can be.

    Near the carrots,
    Oh, they weren’t nearly as grown,
    Grace found a gift
    She could keep as her very own […]

  • At this hour of the day,
    when the morn’ is new and sunny,
    thinking of my favorite cat,
    is really rather funny.

    There’s Vinnie, the Calico
    and Chester lives next door.
    Oh, and there’s also Ollie […]

    • I enjoyed this. An easy to read ode to cats. I love their complete disinterest. The humorous last verse really makes this poem stand out.

  • A glimpse of the other side
    gives way to full view.
    An interloper can observe
    with circular arguments
    and telescopic focus
    the secret garden
    on the other side.
    (There is always another side.)
    Nothing […]

    • Laurie, this is brilliant! I love the tongue in cheek word play, but you’ve always been good at that. The title of course has has its own connotations, and you play with that well.

  • My focus is warped

    warring with a deep physical need

    to soothe the swimmer’s itch rash

    inflaming my legs.

    My focus is divided

    vying with the physical need

    of finding a more comfortable

    means o […]

    • Beautiful Laurie! I love the movement and repetition of the phrase, “my focus” (divided , warped and finally eroded.) Very impactful and very timely! This poem and subject really resonate with me. I hope you submitted this poem! I think this will resonate with many readers!

  • In this,

    the hour of darkness

    May you keep faith

    May it shine like a beacon

    coating the shadows

    in everlasting light.

    • Simple. Subtle. And unmistakable.

    • Such a clear, hopeful message in few lines. 🙂

    • Encouraging to keep faith in the time of darkness. It’s one of the things we can do well for others, encourage them. The idea of coating the shadows with everlasting light is an interesting one. This poet is a strong supporter of humanity.

  • In this time of COVID-19,
    Loneliness creeps in
    to the farthest recesses
    making it difficult,
    if not impossible
    to stay connected
    to stay positive
    to remain part of something bigger.

    Not often am I […]

  • With churches closed and no one to visit,

    We zoomed my entire family, many for the first time

    It was wonderful to see everyone.

    To connect.

    We also ate candy and cooked a ham.


  • Yikes!

    How can I make my family photo albums?

    I thought it would be easy.

    Take a picture and download, edit, print.


    Then, I found

    Undeveloped film



    Kingston s […]

    • This is a really interesting problem to present – that the memories may exist in too many places to actually be accessible? I never even considered how much simply it would’ve been to just have one copy of something, it was tangible, and now people are posting every day of their lives in seven different places. I think it’s good and bad – to have this record. Lovely poem.

  • Are you warm enough?

    Make sure you have some broccoli.

    I saw this in the store and it reminded me of you.

    You’re welcome.

    Would you like a back rub?

    You look tired.

    Do you want to talk about i […]

  • Settling into my roomy seat
    breathing sighs to release tensions
    brought on by the airport
    Travel was easier before 9/11
    Everything was.

    I wish I could fly without baggage
    “I don’t like to carry thi […]

  • “The land knows you even when you are lost.” ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

    Rising with the sun, I give hommage to this day.
    With the grass full of dew, I relish in the cool comfort as I garden, working the soil
    a […]

  • Walking
    That is to say, the exercise of walking
    baffles me
    and I think of this often
    in my strolls through the streets of my neighborhood
    When does a walk change into a hike, for example?
    Do I unintentionally become a

  • Paris me manque.
    I write in my book.
    Dreams of France,
    past journeys and
    new adventures.
    Scanning the pages
    of words written so long ago.
    Collected memories
    of old love made new again.
    Have I not […]

  • I’d like to go to Tokyo,
    Where I could be lost in a crowd
    I’d like to order food by pointing to pictures
    And waking up early to try sushi in the fish market.
    I’d like to go to Tokyo,
    And have people stare […]

    • Maybe I clicked on this because Japan is on my travel list but… wow. A totally different perspective… how not being understood can be a blessing because we won’t have to try so hard… I am glad I got to read this. Well done ^^

    • I would love to go to Tokyo. Great poem!

  • Listen to the song, child.

    Find it in my heart.

    Hear it in my ears.

    Sing with my voice.

    Listen to the song, child,

    To the rhythm and sway.

    Listen loudly

    And then hide away.

    Listen to the […]

  • Heat radiates above the tree line

    As the coolness seeps in from the woods

    to stir our lethargy

    to revive us so that we may

    sit in the twilight, outside the cottage

    as the firefly leads the way.

  • Do not mess with me
    I am an emotional mess
    Disappointed by the world
    by the people I love
    I will find a way
    I will prevail
    I will fight a new day

  • The season of COVID-19,
    came upon us
    slowly, from China
    Slowly, as it moved around the globe
    We watched in silent horror
    We saw the death and devastation
    Still, we were unprepared.

    During the season of […]

  • The gentle sway of the boat,
    Cool skin warmed by the sun
    As it dries off the last swim of the day.

    Chilled champagne skids down my throat, mixing with the salt left by the ocean on my lips.

    My neck is […]

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