• we don’t know what tomorrow will bring,
    let me tell you this now
    i’m proud of you
    you’ve been through too much
    more than a human should endure
    through it all you’ve
    conquered and survived
    death looked […]

  • visions.
    your face is engraved into my brain.
    i remember ever detail of you.
    every time i close my eyes you’re looking at me.
    are you a mirage?
    please tell me you’re […]

  • depressing nighttime
    a little, cheerful fly buzzes
    around my sleepy head.

  • smoke envelopes the
    healing land, flames
    ablaze, lost control.

  • moonlight illuminates
    you, sets your features on fire
    beautiful golden hue
    looks like you’re wrapped
    in liquid gold
    dripping pure exuberance.

  • i’ve seen more dead bodies
    than a mortician.
    it wasn’t by coincidence or accident,
    people die everyday,
    losing a loved one is not foreign to me.
    i’ve lost too many people that are
    close to me.
    death no […]

  • i realize i never tell you i love you,
    it’s not because i don’t, i do,
    you just no longer deserve to hear it.
    my “i love you” would hit you
    like a confetti bomb,
    the sudden boom of my words and the […]

  • thinking about you
    as i write
    thinking about you
    as i type
    thinking about you
    as i eat
    thinking about you
    as i drive
    thinking about you
    as i shower
    thinking about you
    as i cook
    thinking about you […]

    • I really like this. It visually represents that internal obsessive tension that wants to shout. The rhythm of the verbs is almost perfect.
      Maybe reformulate the final line as a question? Just a thought. This is a few minor tweaks away from being excellent.

  • soft glowing luminescence
    ethereal, shining splendor
    bright and unwavering
    begging to be touched
    angelic illuminating pure light
    glimmering for all existence

  • purple fills my mouth
    it tastes of tart grapes
    roll the color in my mouth
    it begins to change
    i taste a juicy plump plum
    sour as i bite into it
    the juice slides down my throat
    i swallow my face contorting […]

  • mother nature’s beauty,
    they want to destroy her,
    she can never be damaged.

  • “be happy”
    my brain tells me i don’t deserve to be.
    “be happy”
    society tells me it’s easy.
    “be happy”
    family says it’s not hard.
    “be happy”
    think positive thoughts, why are you always thinking […]

  • blue and purple combine
    sunsets ethereal glow
    the day may be over
    but the night is just beginning.

  • why did you leave?
    your life was cut short.
    why did you leave?
    you still had so much to see.
    why did you leave?
    you have so much more to accomplish.
    why did you leave?
    you still had so many people left to […]

  • not a cloud in sight.
    the sky is a brilliant blue.
    the sun radiates causing the ground to ripple.
    sweat beads at the nape of your neck.
    seeking a cool place to sit.
    the shade is nowhere to be found.
    you feel […]

  • you tell me you’re sorry.
    you promise you won’t do it anymore.
    you didn’t mean to hurt me.
    you can’t control your anger.
    you promise you’ll stop.
    you beg me not to […]

  • thoughts wander…
    are you thinking of me
    too? sleep, you say.

  • she talks with her hands,
    movements become excessive.
    her smile grows.
    her teeth peak through.
    she looks at you, tells her story
    the ache within fighting to make itself
    she feels it begin to […]

    • A very clear picture is painted for me as I read this. I recognize these feelings, this kind of moment and the small details like the description of the perfume and unknown smell in the bathroom stall really puts me in the moment.

  • she puts your texts on mute
    she no longer wants to dispute.
    negative talk
    you always know the right words to say
    to make her question her
    you know all she ever does is
    you love to […]

  • water droplets splash
    corn stalks beg for a taste
    satiating the endless thirst

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