• Faint flickers,
    Grandmother’s stories,
    Lead into maternal line,
    Knowing at once where,
    The key departed John left,
    Her friend called her the day,
    After he died as he had promised he would.

    Forwards and i […]

  • Seeing clearly now threat which never existed,
    Yet every waking moment imagined him to life,
    Blighting rendering loving fosters quite toxic,
    Composite being of unacknowledged edges,
    Emptiness inside of […]

  • Camera passes that sheer neglect,
    We see and desire what sagas reflect.
    Discarded and scattered, one too many.
    Separate indivisible integral to any.
    Beginning to blend, no longer care,
    Fragile frame laden […]

  • Fingers rest on another set of keys hours away,
    Younger years and different way here,
    Bright overdrive gentle handle with all care,
    Struggle fault and two inches above water,
    Nothing needs to actually be […]

  • Clamour around, so many self-professed,
    Illuminate-for-hire, here and there too,
    Shared light captured in boxes
    Resold as an echo
    Leaving all just to hope.
    Used car resale commission spirit mercenary
    In a […]

  • Ancestor continuity soften fluctuating wisp shaping smoke,
    curling curating and carting itself back home,
    replicated genome building medieval lived material,
    consumption becoming believing in what went […]

  • Lifestyle float – breeze drift undulating undercurrent
    unconvention creative veneer veil unruddered impulse,
    perennial recess no respite gained,
    restful erosion edifice strove at generations,
    liberty restored […]

  • Stayed and settled, desperate refining pained rapture,
    Crushed neglect, conditioned to not seek my peace,
    Violence against self to hem-in,
    Back to those old school days
    With a Sunday letter written and master […]

  • Holding tender bones bare of revulsion,
    strole into final Sati flames
    in sublime shining opposite – see!
    Surrender engulfing come what may,
    devote to the outer and flee when it fades.
    Ambivalent to your coat, […]

  • Never had a backseat memory with you,
    No nostalgic leap to american adolescence,
    You know I always would, desert star skies we never shared
    The only notch left to make is to connect far off,
    Darkly splendid […]

  • A cliche thrown out last night, ‘she has grown on me’,
    passive receptive of this botanical feat,
    corpse like feat feeding future flora inside,
    probing subtle roots talking of painful past now fix […]

  • Breath spirit wind, over the face of the waters,
    separating mind spirit from body,
    bringing life into each sustaining a human trinity,
    through tiny caverns in our lungs to the expanse ,
    of our interconnected […]

  • The thoughts gyrating and cultivating inside
    Call out and cry for the expected end apocryphal
    Books that beheld are opened with tales played out
    Of the deepest dream liquid stars speak of
    Enoch’s cry for s […]

  • We wrote scores of scars

    All over our bodies

    But that was enough–for now.

  • I was the child of sea foam and storm

    I thrashed about my ocean

    In its safe and sultry darkness.

    hearing only echos of a distant land

    When I came too

    I cupped my ears

    The voices so shrill and […]

  • Three crows over my left shoulder,
    debarked me on an unknown shore,
    the land looked the same as did the people on it,
    what changed was how I there stood.
    I learned for once what want truly was,
    my infant […]

  • Gentle yearning for something more,
    Delicate dissecting of warm light,
    Hopes manifest seeing hopeless surroundings,
    Filtering untamed tempers and knowing love stands behind,
    Interacting only with that love, […]

  • God, I’m glad that song is over

    With its upbeat drum beat and plucky guitar

    It’s one love, one world kind of strut.

    Imagine all the people

    trying to change the world

    with just a song

    You’re kinda […]

  • Seismic crafted cathedrals sustained in the wild,
    Affections cultivated ring tin thin empty,
    Rock heat baked timeless preservation,
    Her wallflower’s fluctuating vinette,
    Floral mask betraying brittle s […]

  • This is not the first time I’ve

    escaped my capture in a bottle

    on a dewy summer’s night

    The air thick like a sticky porridge


    A child trapped me once

    She emerged from the nearby […]

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