• Congratulations to you and your family, Caitlin, and thank you for the gift of the Poetry Marathon. I’d love to help out with future marathons, official or unofficial.
    Pam Gerber

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    I like the specificity of details in this one, the first stanza especially: Cascadian granite…star-seeded quince.

  • Kind of you to say. Thank you

  • Though the shades are closed, vertical blinds obscuring the view,
    I well know what lies behind them.
    Out there, in my yard, lives
    A grand Valencia orange tree 35 years old or more
    That branches from the house […]

    • this poem moves
      takes me through the vertical blinds
      into the yard of fruit trees

      wish I had one in my back yard

  • Every night
    I long for you,
    Day time too.
    Tonight especially
    Or is it morning?
    The dark deceives
    But not you, my love
    You are my life
    My one true love,
    Faithful as the moon
    When I’m weary
    Or merely b […]

  • My lovely swan, to whom do you petulantly gaze,
    Elegantly craning your milky neck just out of sight?
    Or do you pose for the painter, brushes on pallet
    Oozing spirited sex and sass in the casual clasp,
    The […]

  • “Oh my God, I hate my life‼”
    “And what the actual fuck?‼”
    Teenagers love big emotion words.
    What will they do in an emergency
    When they truly need to measure
    Pain or excitement, despair or joy?

    And […]

  • 36 years ago, was it that long?
    We married the year before and lived the blue.
    Apartment, that is.
    The long shag carpet, countertops, and walls,
    All royal blue.
    We were happy there, on our own.

    So I potted […]

  • Never enough of it because the throngs crash into me
    When all I want to do is get to the other side of the street.
    And the rare time I sit down to watch a movie or t.v.,
    There’s the dog’s head or tail blo […]

  • She sets your table, plops dinner down, and you eat.
    No lust for the chore, no love for it any more, she washes dishes.
    She serves you, like a debt, a duty, or a dog—for exchange.

    Me, I’m dessert. I und […]

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    Soccer coach
    Girl Scout leader
    Art teacher
    PTA auditor
    Arts Advocate
    Non-profit CEO
    Board director
    Room mom
    Academic Senator
    Secretary, committee
    English […]

  • Singing, trouncing, pounding tables,

    goblets splash mead on caked mud.


    Who are these creature who swear

    God’s face they deign is theirs?


    How could they be so bold when I,

    and all I s […]

  • Come sit in the misty glen, Kore, and recount the time
    Demeter held her torch, Hecate by her side, and cried,
    Searching for you mightily to find Hades had done it,
    Abducted you, my sweet, and fed you […]

  • I believe in the mystery,

    —of what the frog choir sings

    as they vibrate sound oscillating
    breath from lung to vocal cords
    in late summer evening light,
    the throaty croaks in full sermon
    at the pulpit o […]

  • If the world stopped spinning,
    You with shallow grips on realty
    Would hurl to space, flora and
    Fauna: trees, mountain tops,
    Cats, mothers, SUV’s, and dirt.

    Or the endless day burning on
    Would singe s […]

  • Scolding our waitress, “Last time I asked for three olives.
    It came back with only two, just like this one.”
    Surprised, she apologized, and replied, “Be right back”

    Sure enough, one server returned, martini […]

  • When we hung the babies from the door jamb,
    Perched in a canvas seat, their turkey drum sticks
    With plump sticky toes decorating the bone, leapt,
    Pushed off the Pledge-polished wood floors, with the
    Strength […]

  • I painted at your feet plaid in orange and blue, while you called me “whore” and “cunt,” your toes brimming like the koi pond pressed in concrete, center square of the shopping mall.

    Like, small eruptions, they […]

  • Oh arachnid, I bear you or your arthropod phylum no ill will.
    You weave your webs of tales told, widows and recluses,
    Daddy long legs of venomous myth, lies that weaklings tell.

    Nature’s thugs, built for b […]

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