Alicia Sophia

  • It’s been one hell of an interesting night

    sleepless night

    laughed filled night

    watching the stars fill the sky

    the moon rising high, weaving between the clouds

    The night turned into dawn

    You k […]

  • Shutting down


    as the sun also rises

    like Hemingway wrote

    old man, I wonder

    if he stayed awake for 24 hours

    driving himself mad on

    sleep deprivation and prose

    Which is what I’m r […]

  • The last cigarettes are smoked

    Sleep deprived

    Hungover and dangerous

    But in spite of everything

    I am creating art

    To be read, probably ignored

    but I’m writing it

    at 6:34 in the morning

    I a […]

    • ooh, you made me stop and think, at some point I wondered if a stiff drink wouldn’t loosen my tongue.

  • Telling stories

    of the adventures I had

    years ago

    reminded me of the years

    i have behind me

    And I remind myself

    of how many years I have ahead of me

    and those good times only seem like a small […]

  • Soft bass bumped from the car speakers
    My arms pinned above my head
    You fucked me in rhythm to the music that meshed with our hot breath that steamed up the wet, rain kissed windows
    Thunder boomed
    Grabbing on […]

  • losing track of time

    the hours are slipping

    and so am I

    cloudy eyes

    fuzzy brain


    searching for that perfect combination

    of words

    to arrange for you

    but right now

    I wipe the […]

  • So tell me love

    did your fingers blister

    when you snuffed out

    our flame

    was there remorse

    the day after next

    of when you realized

    your side of the bed

    was cold and empty

    I often […]

  • Dismal 1am
    A cold, strong coffee writing
    at the old notebook

  • I guess it’s safe to say,

    that all things happen for a reason

    that all roads lead back to home

    that if it’s meant to be, it will be

    but what if..

    what if things don’t happen for a reaso […]

  • There is no amount of water that could extinguish

    the Fire inside I have for you

    the flames lick the corners of my ribcage warming every cell

    a spark, turned into a flame, turned into an out of control […]

  • When I was 8 years old

    My mother taught me how to sew

    Pushing and pulling the needle through the fabric making clean near stitches

    I picked at the loose frayed hole of my sweater

    on a rainy day in […]

    • What a gorgeously grey poem! Your quiet beginning makes the inevitable loss so much more poignant. Well done!

    • We always seek to fix sometime we succeed and sometimes not. At least the sweater is fixed!

  • I like how it feels to inhale chemicals

    I wait for the wave to wash over me

    Relax my being,

    my mind shedding the suit of armor it has been wearing all day

    and fade into the relaxing calm […]

  • In the middle of concrete chaos

    She looked over her shoulder

    Smiled, and winked

    At me

    Sending voltage through my veins

    I stood stoic, as a storm rage on inside

    In that 1 second of that smile and […]

    • In love with this one! Your writing, in general, has become one of my favorites. It is so easy for me to connect with. This one gives goosebumps. (Check last line for typo though when you do edits).

  • Dear Former Self Age 14

    So what if you like girls?


    Dear Former Self Age 17

    I know what he did to you, it was not okay. Please go tell someone.


    Dear Former Self Age 21

    I know you like how i […]

  • Now this is the point. You fancy me mad. Strung out on hysterics, kissing midnight

    In this moonlight dancing on the red curtain, your skin, almost seems flushed with rouge

    As I play your body like a violin, […]

    • Nice!

    • “Strung out on hysterics, kissing midnight In this moonlight…” is fucking *everything*!!!!!!!!

      I have been a fan forever! Your raw, honest approach to words makes me so happy…I am not alone! It is heartening to know people still love realness in their work. Thank you!

    • I need you to just write a book so I can buy it. That is where I am at with it at this point 😂😂 So far, I have absolutely LOVED every single thing. I need these in a book 😂😂

  • There’s just so much that I…

    but I can’t

    because you’re with yours

    and I’m with mine

    but oh the stories we could write

    with sex and sweat on my ruffled bed sheets

    And leave them drippin […]

  • Just one more moment

    is all I need

    to breathe the words

    “Tu me manques”

    On your lips

  • There is a place on your chest

    Carved in your breastbone

    Where my head fits perfectly

    as if we were meant to click

    like when we first met

    and I stumbled over my shoelaces

    and into your […]

  • I should be writing a poem right now

    But all I can think about is you

    and the way your lips taste

    and how bad I’m craving you

    and your smell

    and the way your eyes look

    when you slide into my c […]

    • Every post I read, there is something in it where I think “why have I not said that to my wife”? And then I am torn between jealousy of how well your words fly off the page into my soul and excitement for what I may be able to read next. You have an amazing gift! Never stop writing!

  • She was the scent that lingered heavy in the air after a thick and heavy summer rain.

    She was the sun that burst through the gray clouds, absorbing the moisture, she was the humidity that saturated your […]

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