• Thank you for this awesome and thoughtful feed back!!!

  • You lived inside our mother, first.
    That changed everything, I’d thought
    but once you were here
    once your laugh was real
    The birthmark on your hand
    your soft forehead on my shoulder
    The intoxicating smell of […]

  • I wanted an imaginary friend.
    I tried to make or find one.
    He may be invisible, but I would have it.

    He never came.

    Wanting, it turns out, is not enough.


  • Geometry is all about history
    the crane speaks of recreation,
    re-imagination, annihilation.
    Palm reader, complimentary
    angles of criss-crossed lines,
    of life lines.
    A window washer crosses the […]

    • I think the juxtaposition between palm lines and city lines is absolutely brilliant!

  • rosemars wrote a new post, Hour 21: Sleep 1 month ago

    My illusive friend,
    you torment with with your absence.
    I long for you to smother me
    return every night and find me waiting
    sink in to my bones, and don’t let go.

  • Ragged child holds a match close to her chest
    when it blinks out she lights another
    each match is warmer, she is sure
    there in the light the match girl sees
    all the help she needs
    so she follows the outreaching hand

  • We are tendrils in the blue ether
    a hairy water dragon of war
    behold our enterprising hive mind
    colonial, attractive to the eye
    Observe us, we watch you back, in silence
    Maneuvering, positioning
    Forget what […]

    • shirl replied 1 month ago

      I’m impressed. Maybe because this prompt gave me a great deal of trouble. But you seem to have grabbed hold and tamed it.

      I like the imagery, especially the “water dragon of war” line.

      I find “colonial” confusing and “attractive to the eye” doesn’t say enough. Maybe expand on these details? Are you thinking of the creature as a colony or a colonizer? What is it colonizing? What, besides the obvious things we see which you’ve already described, make it attractive? I think of attraction as more emotional than physical. What emotion is evoked?

      I love love love your last line! Did you mean to say “wonder” or did you mistype “wander”? Whatever your intent, don’t change what’s there please. “Wonder” gives that line greater depth.

  • The kids catch the tail-end of the holiday films
    While parents tidy away the odds and ends,
    choose their best jeans and fix their hair.
    The new toys are now up in the bedrooms.
    A pink glow from the tree shines […]

  • rosemars commented on the post, Prompt 17: Mixed Tape 1 month ago

    Love live tape! I love a mixed tape. Great topic choice.

  • My brother rambled about going back to therapy –
    things my mother wanted to hear.
    Then excitedly moved on to other topics,
    maybe a job at the second-hand store,
    and something else he’d found there.
    He […]

  • If I choose to meet the current
    I am no longer one, alone.
    Instead, two galaxies mingle
    drawn by a mounting gravity neither can control.
    This is inevitable,
    though I don’t believe in fate.
    Meet me at my […]

  • You wouldn’t have noticed, but
    I flew over you
    probably dressing yourself
    or thinking about work
    and making tea
    in your narrow kitchen.
    Thinking of you I looked up
    And there was the moon
    blemish free
    and […]

  • Your initial and ending lines compliment each other so well. Very skillful way to bookend a poem.

  • The Mother and her songs
    rise through the dirt
    red heads who light the way

    The Mother and her songs
    collaborate on a garden
    and a deep drumming heartbeat

    The Mother and her songs
    talk to the sky and […]

  • This is a great poem about something I would never think of writing about. You really captured the physical stickiness of mowing the lawn. I love it!

  • rosemars commented on the post, Gardening 1 month, 1 week ago

    I love the first line!!!

  • Each time I pace this route
    I see new offerings
    3 doves, the gloss of the holly
    if there is a time to feel mortal, it is now.

    all the plums are forming, an altar under a tree
    a bottle hangs on a branch
    We […]

  • I am made of steel
    made of nails and invincible.
    Keep going.

    Stop and I will find
    as you probably know
    I am an alloy based in iron

    Prone to rust and decay
    I don’t want to be reminded

  • Hey Hollywood, way out west
    golden highway, you hot mess
    have I missed your glam, your impersonators?
    glitter like a tranny golden apple?

    I want to know your drag, your yellow bricks
    I want to know your […]

    • I love this poem – the double-meanings, the word choices, and how I connected with it!! Brilliant!

  • Speak truth, yo! Love it!

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