• Thank you very much ma’am. I greatly appreciate it. God bless!

  • Thank you very much ma’am/sir, I greatly appreciate it. God bless!

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    “I’m A Poet”


    Dedicated: To ALL POETS around the globe. Most especially to PENTASIAN POETS

    (Photo taken from:Ms. Suzette)



    When poets unwind

    They truly explore

    To reach the […]

  • seth commented on the post, Poem8/24 "In This World.. 5 years ago

    Thank you for your wonderful comment ma’am sharonedge. I greatly appreciate it. Best regards! God bless!

  • ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

    In that straight

    More than 24hours awake

    Studying sentina

    And working household chores

    As well as to calm the mind

    And relax the heart

    My mind stocked to understand

    What sentina is

  • I did completed. Thank you for this great opportunity. God bless!

  • seth wrote a new post, Poem24/24 "sLeEp" 5 years ago

    Oh! Those sleepless night
    Awake waiting for a knight
    Hoping he will come at right
    When open the light
    He will by my side
    Wrap in his arms to hide 

    Oh! Those lovely Nightingale
    Humming my favorite song
    In […]

  • I am still awake mam Caitlin, it is because I am a housemaid, so I need to finish my task until 12midnight. I enjoyed in this marathon, and I wish what I wrote will be read 🙂 Thank you for the great opportunity for opening your walls for me. God bless you and your family. Best regards. Love,Seth

  • Do you believe in God?

    If yes, have you seen God?

    If no, then why do you believe that there is God?


    How deep or big is your faith?

    You don’t know?

    Then how would you believe that there is […]

  • A doubter needs:

    And faith
    That can feel when it comes nearly end
    Don’t give up, just take a rest
    You can reach your goal, if you don’t doubt

  • Love is a magical word

    Where two person felt a love in their heart

    Even how far each other

    They will sacrifice to find ways to embrace

    There’ll be people around who’s envy

    Making stories from one […]

  • Lochinvar


    Who came out from the west

    Through all the wide broad sword

    His steed was the best

    Lochinvar is a great knight

    Who came from other country

    He travelled alone

    In his knight he […]

  • I hear your voice

    Calling me in the midst

    That breaks the noise

    Of silent at ease


    Don’t be afraid

    Don’t be scared

    I’m just here

    Watching you near


    Its time for you to run

    After […]

  • Carmen wanted to shave

    Mason whose hair so long

    Using a wax but she was afraid

    A white silence came near

    Sounds so ridiculous

    Attacks no hear

    Knowing fear

    Malemute kid hold the […]

  • An own hardship

    Is better than a help to save your ship

    So you maybe able to be proud

    For your own self, no doubt
    You will not be able to hear
    Words from those who helped you 
    In case you failed them
    <span style="color: […]

  • My life is not perfect

    Yet I have to save

    Its the only treasure

    My mother gave

    Full of tragic moments

    And memorable ones

    And keeps my Saviour

    A perfect one

    And if I can’t

    My soul be […]

  • I wish I could turn back the time

    When I let those opportunity pass by, I turn

    My back and surf those huge stormy waves

    That I lost myself and waiting to rise

    To light my meticulous page

    Where I can […]

  • seth commented on the post, Prompt for Hour Sixteen 5 years ago

    Mam Caitlin, I will be a little bit late submitting my poem in this prompt, my network connection is very weak (one bar), and I started working now, but still I will try to finish the marathon. Thank you! God bless!

  • A second chance is hard to give

    Specially when I knew you will cheat

    But when you plead

    And humbly sorry creed

    I will give you a second chance
    Rather than ignorance
    I will give you a chance because I […]

  • seth wrote a new post, Poem14/24 "Haiku" 5 years ago


    A food for the soul
    Is the best and quick tablet
    Where God’s word, don’t fade

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