• You wasn’t there when I needed you the most
    Its like you disappear you went ghost
    Was I’m not important to you as your wife
    You told me I was your world your whole life
    You saw the pain and struggles I was […]

  • Why are you running
    Are you scare of the feelings
    you have for me

    I feel that you are confuse
    These emotions you have
    You’re scare to explore

    You can admit the physical attraction
    We have for one […]

  • I was supposed to protect my heart
    I wasn’t supposed to give it away
    To feel the pain I felt when I first gave my heart away

    I was supposed to protect it for falling into the wrong hands
    I wasn’t supposed […]

  • Have you ever felt invisible
    Like you could be easily forgotten
    If you disappeared today noone would notice
    Well let’s not say noone maybe you have three or even one person who would realize your absence
    Do […]

  • Imprint
    Dark, Cold, Empty
    Just distance and loneliness that lay next to me
    Where did he go? He was just here…
    With his legs wrapped around me
    His lips kissing me and his handsĀ 
    Caressing every inch of my […]

  • Love
    Do people even understand the meaning of love anymore
    People use the 3 words phrase like there’s no real meaning behind it
    I love you means nothing or just something to say when you think its […]

  • Honest and contradiction doesn’t mixed
    It just leaves a lot of confusion
    What truth, what not truth
    Is those feelings valid or just valid at this moment
    Are you catching feelings or you just caught up with […]

  • What is this feeling that I am experiencing I can’t breathe so many things are running through my head so many emotions I can’t identify. I feel that my heart is still breaking and my trust for anyone has gone […]

  • When it looks and feels too good to be true most likely it is
    Never fall for the smooth words he tells you
    Sometime you might need to question your heart and go with your gut feeling
    Never let your guard […]

  • What are all these emotions I’m feeling
    Am I falling to deep in my feelings
    Am I moving to fast do I need to shut these feelings down

    Am what I feeling is real
    Or is it his sweet words that have me all in […]

  • He’s said:
    I desire you
    Your time
    Your affection
    Your deepest secrets
    Your insecurities
    I want to be right there
    With you
    I want to lay next to you
    Hold you
    I want to breathe you […]

  • There’s so many emotion running through me I feel so over-whelm to the point I just want to curl up and hide. My emotions have ran away with themselves. Leaving me feel where do I go from here what’s next is it […]

  • Have you become someone you thought you would never be
    The person you told yourself you could never act like
    Have you lost your way and don’t know where to start
    To get your life together
    Have you ever felt […]

  • Damn, i let my emotions get the best me
    I let it fill my mind with unrealistic possibilities
    My emotions got to my heart
    Now i feel it breaking again
    I cant breathe damn I should of known better
    Was i blind […]

  • Where do we post our poems

  • Hey my name is LaQuisha this is my first time doing this. I am very excited but i do have a question how and where do we post our poems?

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