• I find it on the table

    A dirty lid, a skeleton

    a life caught in a

    dark place, lost.

    Long past decay,

    a perfect specimen

    a perfect gift for

    a girl, with artist

    for a middle name.


  • Marla, arches her back,

    stretching her long limbs,

    drapping her body over me,

    she sings softly in my

    ear, her whiskers tickle my chin ,

    as she graces me

    with her devine attention.


  • In the distance the rock  rests, against sky

    A landscape dressed in shades of earth,

    we wander closer , to gaze through the time

    worn arch,  a window into  a dreamy sky.

    Waiting always for the su […]

  • My  eyelids crave closure,

    my brain is engulfed in fog,

    fingers slipping on keys,

    deleting a line or two  my

    body fuzzy, begging for rest,

    But l can hold a little longer

    Its only an hour or t […]

  • The lamp flicker’s in the distance, even though there is not a breath of wind,

    is it you, have you finally returned from war, my feet quicken like my heart,

    a hunger, long hidden rising in my throat, as l […]

  • I pull the net up, heave after heave, l am a small clog in the machine, one of many,  with an empty belly, working for a meal.
    We land the fish , the boats full, many hands maning  the oars take us to shore, t […]

  • We arrive,tired, but excited, acres of green and a long driveway

    are all that separate us from a few quiet days.


    Bright lights,night tennis none of us know the rules.

    We laugh and run, chasing […]

  • In the corner collecting earth

    your lonely frame now rests,

    you no longer shine or sit,

    in the centre of my desk

    or place ink upon a page,

    no one will read the stories

    we never worked to […]

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    Thank you, Sandy.

  • sjduncan wrote a new post, H.16 – Heart 1 week ago

    I hear you

    as you travel inside me.

    Our scent lingers on my skin,

    infusing me with memories.

    My tongue washes you,

    gentle strokes,

    all at once hungry and full,

    I feel quiet in your […]

  • Boarding.

    The light flashes, seatbelt, seatbelt, seatbelt.

    Arms and legs, face mask, head down.

    Moving, wheels on tar, faster, faster, faster.

    Rising – Rising – Up.

    Ears screaming, pressure, […]

  • I have always belonged to the wild,

    my legs seeking the solitude of long

    grasses and bracken ferns, the queitness

    of a forest full birds singing, the touch

    of bark as I brushed against the […]

  • One step then another, another on and on.

    We start under stars, Venus bright above us,

    a trickle of light silhouetting the trees on the hill.

    Lights float in darkness, the ocean singing invades

    our […]

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    love you work

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    love it, beautiful definitely would make a brilliant illustrated story,

  • sjduncan wrote a new post, H,12 – CEO 1 week ago

    I climbed the heart of the world

    Every rocky step, clinging to

    its worn surface, Above the red

    desert, the mountains and into

    the tower, where the soul is,

    I become real here, a god,

    watching […]

  • sjduncan wrote a new post, H.11 – Winged 1 week ago

    I stretch my spirit into blue, catching the breeze,

    l let my self fall and drift, with its breath. There are

    some moments we move as one the flow, the dip,

    the trust, in fine bone and feather, tracing […]

  • I wander the stars, in a boat made of

    sky, following dreams in a lullaby.


    I carry the moon,the sun and earth

    in my coat pockets, trinkets of mirth.


    They grumble and moan and dance in

    the s […]

  • Dawn, scans the treeline,  searching

    for dusk, the heat of noon hides him

    behind a mask of light. The bottle in

    Dawn’s  grip contains a magic porridge,

    which once inside Dusks belly ca […]

  • sjduncan wrote a new post, H.8 – Glyphs 1 week ago

    I have become a translation,

    a lost language,  spoken in the

    vast  space between , a new

    version of myself, stalking the

    corridors of education, of the

    past,  fierce and curvaceous,

    almost se […]

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