• she was my grandmother, came here from korea when she was a young adult. she was a badass woman <3

  • Worn out pages sit

    Filled with emptiness like me

    Hold me how he did

  • Tell me why he sings

    In melody so solemn

    When he’s so gorgeous

  • I find ease in the constant change

    New buildings around each corner

    A crane lifting a piece of scaffolding

    Like Jenga with higher stakes


    My favorite building was torn down yesterday

    I had […]

  • Why do we all fight

    Over who is wrong and who is right



    Why do we find something to pick apart

    Are we dooming ourselves from the very start



    Was life ever normal

    Or were we just a […]

  • Dip a finger in the melted wax

    Cool on your finger, hardening

    Fire is dancing

    A cigarette lit from flame


    He once told me that smoking is the most

    Intimate you can get with fire

    Swirling in […]

    • gorgeous imagery. I have a phobia of fire, so it’s nice to see it imagined in a different way like this!

    • Your ability to paint a scene with words is admirable. The smoking description and the candle in the old wine bottle were really poignant for me.

  • Do you think ocean animals commit murder?

    Do they s(t)eal?

    So much unknown

    And yet we walk around so confident

    So unafraid


    The mysteries that lie beneath the surface

    Is there a justice […]

    • Interesting poem. The ending is particularly effective. I love the imagery of becoming fish food, and “we never asked the right question” is a fabulous – almost haunting – accusation. Great job!

  • My family was not religious as I grew up

    Nor are they now

    But we always celebrated Easter


    Kites flying above

    Eggs filled with trinkets

    Baskets hidden in the dryer, we always […]

  • Click


    No distractions


    Paper, a ding

    Return it back


    When I was eight I was given a typewriter

    Told it was Santa Claus’s

    That I was chosen


    I typed every word I kn […]

  • You are home

    The easiness I find in each kiss


    We find a middle ground

    An urge to understand each other

    You hold me tighter


    I can see the glimmer in your eye

    Before the words leave y […]

  • Recycled air dances through my respiratory system

    Stranger’s shoulders brush against mine

    I keep my head forward


    Every bump is a sure sign of death

    Every announcement is my last

    I ask the […]

  • “It’s just a stupid plant”

    Nustled in moist dirt

    Sitting in my hands

    Reaching for the sunlight

    Whispering oxygen into my nose

    A sapling


    She will outlive us

    Her growth quiet and […]

  • The buzz from my electric toothbrush mocks me

    Ten years without the dentist

    Seeing the world through yellow-tinted teeth

    Peering through the gap between my two front chompers

    The chip I created when I […]

  • Amongst her sea of long black hair

    A tiny white gleam stares me down

    With eyes of wild green, she stares with such intensity

    For a few minutes, our hearts beat in sync

    Then hers starts to growing […]

  • Respect

    A place where people are valued

    No matter what


    No hurt

    Open communication

    Easy breathing


    Trees everywhere you look

    Looming gardens

    Vines wrapping around each o […]

  • voldecurt wrote a new post, Hug 10 months, 1 week ago

    Amazing how a song can feel like a hug

    A manufactured memory that brings you sweet tears

    Warm fuzzies and a cup of tea

    Just the way you like it


    Haunting how you can hear it in someone else’s […]

  • Cottage doors slam behind

    A firefly lit treeline illuminates the cobblestones

    My bottle of whiskey transported to my belly

    Warm, a strange warm


    Absent flames give off no heat

    I can still taste […]

  • beautifully written

  • voldecurt commented on the post, Bang 10 months, 1 week ago

    this is so beautifully written and an amazing take on how lack of communication can sink a relationship that could be beautiful

  • Growls fill the air

    Booming, a sign of doom

    My blood runs cold

    The ghost of simpler times haunts my bones

    Waving me off, my final goodbye

    Where is it coming from?


    A family of trees all […]

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