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    Thank you, Laurie!

  • Thanks so much. Considering it was the 24th poem written for the marathon written and posted fifteen minutes before the 6 am deadline, I’m extremely happy with your comment. 🙂

  • Thank you for your hard work in organizing this event. I enjoyed writing the poems very much.

    May I legitimately claim that I completed the marathon if I wrote 24 poems within the designated 24 hours but wasn’t able to write one per hour? I had to be away from my computer and wasn’t able to connect to the internet during my time away, therefor…[Read more]

  • the pregnant moon

    has birthed the darkest hours

    before aurora rises they pursue

    the creatures of the night

    hiding from the light

    innocents hounded

    the cliff’s edge cloaked

    terror’s vicious […]

  • manipulation is the key to survival

    she knows how to play the game

    forever be the child

    Wendy to his Peter Pan

    simpering lips

    eyes evoking sorrow

    hiding purpose

    demanding respect

    earning […]

  • love has taken wing

    fluttered first

    frissons of desire

    flickers of delight

    fire licks and flits

    roars and in the flames

    births another kind of love

    born in pain

    then glory held to […]

  • lost, absent, vanished

    stolen and destroyed

    jealousy and revenge

    wreak their evil end

    and in the aftermath

    plots for reprisal birthed

    revenge not served cold

    but hot, searing boiling

    blood […]

  • I envy

    those who wait in peace

    no troubled sleep,

    restless hours

    through these waiting years

    guiltless they pretend

    innocence will save them

    when the end is nigh

    and evil reigns supreme


  • In the gathering gloom she waited

    ran with the foxes

    collected eggs from the wild


    Dawned the sun

    hour upon hour until the dusk

    the buses ran


    she watched and at the stroke of seven slept

  • I dream of you

    lay my head to rest

    and pray

    imagine the wind

    is a gentle caress

    a blessing from beyond


    I curse the day

    you walked away

    my tortured soul

    manufactures lies.

    easy […]

  • her beauty draws me near

    but her mind awes and inspires

    its depths fathomless as unexplored seas

    tempt me to dwell where I dare not go

    for her wit confounds me

    my tongue from which words flow like […]

  • your mind can soar

    across the millennia

    rest in quiet cozy corners

    venture to heaven

    fall back to Terra firma

    or fly among the stars

    and unveil worlds not yet conceived


    if she does not […]

  • After today, he thought

    the world will never be quite the same

    she swam across the pond

    and danced like Amphritite onto the sand

    he envied the water drops that caressed her lissome curves

    the sun […]

  • oh dear

    oh dear

    oh dear

    dear me

    what a time we’ve had

    on this long journey

    to neverland


    I am lost to you

    and sometimes me to you

    traveling through time

    I come upon you […]

  • I adorn my body

    for you

    await, yearn

    your touch


    my hair brushed to shine

    glory pinned

    so you can let it spill

    to lay like sea foam on your chest


    gowned in diaphanous s […]

  • love is not love

    when it demands reciprocation

    begs or bribes


    love is not love

    when it manipulates

    demands or commands


    love is freely given

    with hope but not expectations

    a h […]

  • On my way to heaven I stopped to say hello

    You were going the other way

    I thought you might be

    for a while we traveled together

    and you tried to drag me down there with you

    astonished at the […]

  • Jack London was called to the wild

    where I will not go

    for the wild is too wild for me

    a woman who sits on cushions

    soft, pillowy, pretty

    looking out windows

    to the mean streets

    where blood […]

  • linger where you belong

    safe, secure, secluded

    I am the mighty one

    the leader

    venturing to greener pastures

    stay in our nest

    snug, serene for me

    let it enclose you

    think of it not as a […]

  • a thousand pictures

    of you and me



    they don’t tell our story

    not the truth

    the love they witness

    is not the love we feel

    No camera tells our story

    the heat of your […]

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