When you’re not here, I can barely breathe –
And that’s the trouble, because:
When you’re right beside me, I can barely breathe,
Yet, I wish you were all there was.

The scent of your hair is intoxicating,
The sound of your laugh makes me giddy with joy,
But it’s your mind, when you’re working
And your creative sparks that make me a child at Christmas with toys.

The taste of your lips on mine is all that it takes to bring me to my knees;
The caress of your fingers upon my cheek just sets my mind at ease.

I swear, if it was possible, I’d kiss you all the time;
And anywhere that we could go, I’d have your hand with mine.

The others could make fun of us; I just don’t give a damn,
Because, if you would trust in me, I’d give you all I am.

There’s not a second I could spend without a thought of you,
Because there’s nothing that you are and nothing you could do
That isn’t bliss and magical to an active mind like mine –
And all I’d ask is your kiss to rule my heart and time.

Just one more thing that I would ask, and not a trifle more:
With deep respect and utter passion, please pin me to the door –
Or find, with me, a breathless gasp while I lay upon the bed,
Remind me of your heart, I plead, ’til I cannot doubt this watershed.

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