✨Slipping away✨

When your significant other it’s slipping away, and reviving memories isn’t enough. What it’s there left to do, but to let things flows. If you rush into it, it break faster, if you give too much space it ends, when you try to hard it just don’t work. So what it’s left to do. Express how you feel and hope they see things as you and deal with the anxiety of been the one label as the one responsible for the break up and the broken personality. How you deal with all the i security knowing the everything it’s about to end. Specially when your trying to hold on to dear life. The best to do its Let go of all your thought and guilt off been in the position of feeling as you just not good enough. Yes re-focus on you and the point the finger. Give your self time to think clearly and most important space before approaching , but if In your end you say it all, you just got to wait and see what’s more important to the individual and the would also tell you where you stand all along.
Crying help clean your soul , so if you must, let them out.

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