Five Minutes Friendship

The traffic halted,
I sighed…another slow ride.
Yawned and closed my eyes…

Sparking fancy car
Moving slowly side by side.
Two sad brown eyes
Peering through the glass window of a luxurious ride.
He made silly faces but no happy sight.

Our eyes met …
I smiled and mouthed the word “Hi”.
He waved and blew, “Thank you.”
He giggled a little and gestured,
The food on his lap.
A little child, barely a kid having breakfast
In the backseat of a fancy car.
While mom and dad busy fiddling their gadgets.
Talking to an invisible friend

As we waved goodbye,
In a morning traffic jam
In five minutes time
I met a tiny friend
Whom I learned.
The paradox of time.
We have more but we grow less.

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