#4 To My Granddaughters (Prompt4)

You came into this world in an unfashionable manner.
Without further ado, you scared the best of me.
As I watched you wiggle out from your mother’s womb,
Though I was far away, my heart is longing to hold your tiny bodies.
As both of you grew as of one of my reality,
Years came and gone, and still, I am far away.
You are my smiling sun that brightens my day,
Your giggles comfort my nights, be patient my loves,
I will be home soon.
For now, grow in love.
The world may be full of uncertainty and chaos.
But take heart and smile. Don’t be afraid to fly.
Love and don’t  hate,
Ice creams and cakes always taste sweet.
Rainbow and rain are still beautiful.
Sunrise and sunset is a promise,
The world you live in has lots of surprises.

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