Dear Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

You selfish and outrageous capitalist.

You prey on hopes and dreams like

A leopard preys on the children whose

Dreams and hopes you’re built upon.

You fascist pig of a concept, deliverer

Of jealousy and anguish every year.

Every year someone gets killed and

Every year it’s because of your values

You teach children to be selfish

To be poor is a crime and to be

Rich is the only right way in your

Eyes which glow only due to your

Lies! Lies by which people lead

Their own insignificant lives! Who

Cares if they don’t have enough to

Eat, who cares if they are made of

Sins? Either way, the Santa Claus

Wins. You get more if you’re rich

Than if you are poor, rewarded for

No one’s actions save the slaves

In sweatshops and factories

While mom and dad sip

Glasses of black sherrys.

It’s your existence that

Perpetuates fear in a land

That is called ‘free’ or

Fright in a child no older

than three! And you have

Absolutely no shame do you?

Well I’m through with you


The poor kid

5 thoughts on “Dear Santa Claus

    1. What really annoyed me was my parents insisting i keep up the charade as long as i had to. There comes a point when you realize he’s not real and then you’re told you have to pretend he’s real for the sake of your siblings? Yeah, let’s further their belief in a lie. That doesn’t make it okay to lie though, except about Santa. You feel me?

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