The Entity – Prompt 19, Hour 19

It was seen in the ocean, they gave it a name

It didn’t like that… It left.

They forgot about it, it fell to legends and myth.

It didn’t like that either… it came back.

When it returned the world trembled,

for it was longer than anyone previously measured

and nearly invisible above sea level.

Soon people were snatched up by it,

first children and small animals,

then the neighbors, marine biologists.

Then it became angry. We made the thing angry.

It stopped being methodical, it went full stealth,

It killed all the soldiers, the doctors, the farmers.

It destroyed all the roads and fried all the cars.

That horrifying creature from the deep.

Then I went to bed, woke up, it all was well.

There was no sign of that demon from hell.

Until I saw the paper, of this creature from the deep.

Perhaps it was just a dream. Perhaps a vision from my sleep.

A huge siphonophore Apolemia sea creature is shown in this close-up view.

2 thoughts on “The Entity – Prompt 19, Hour 19

    1. Thank you so much! I was inspired by Cthulu-style horror when I read the article because I swear that Lovecraft must have seen one of these when he was writing his stuff.

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