he had a name –
Arnold, from the TV show, Green Acres;
he was a black and white pig that just came
walkin’ on our place when I was about
nine years old;
my Grandparents built him a pen and
fed him every day,
things that smelled bad but that pig
would gobble up that slop that
made me want to puke.

He grew. He matured. We were poor.
Hog killin’ day came and I remember
going to Arnold’s pen early the morning
of his death –
I talked to him like he was my best friend…
the next thing I remember is the red puddle
left where he used to live and my family
processing this sow into winter provisions.
I couldn’t eat pork for two years, fearing I may
consume some part of Arnold.

Michellia D. Wilson 8/14/2016

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