The First Day

I am sweating, clammy, nervous. My heart beats quickly, loudly. I’m sure they can hear it.

“They are just teenagers.”

I am going to throw up. My stomach churns, roils.

“Remain calm.”

I am getting light headed. Breath in, out, in, out. Quick snatches through my nose.

“You are in control.”

I am standing in front of 36 judging eyes, assessing my trustworthiness.

Show no fear.”

I am smiling. Teeth bared, lips spread, eyes sparkling, smiling.

I laugh.

They smile back.

“I am ok.”



One thought on “The First Day

  1. I love the play of emotions with this poem. In the beginning the speaker is nervous and fidgeting, the build-up of these emotions are done nicely. Then in the end after all that intense emotion we learn the speaker is going to be okay. Such a great poem! 😊

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